Campaign Workshop A Success!

BUCF hosted a successful campaign workshop for members yesterday and here, Douglas Groves, gives us an account of the day.

On Saturday, February 27th, BUCF hosted a campaign workshop at the Old Joint Stock Theatre pub, featuring a presentation on political blogging by Yasin Akgun, Founder, Administrator and Chief Editor of “The Conservative Blog,” a talk by Councillor Deidre Alden, Conservative PPC for Edgbaston on the fundamentals of political campaigning and the electoral process, and a discussion between members on the future direction of the society.

Yasin Akgun gave a presentation on political blogging. He highlighted the importance of maintaining an online presence, and how this was important in the running of a successful political campaign. This was enshrined by his “10 Commandments of Political Blogging,” which outlined the basic etiquette needed to run an effective online political blog. As the candidate for BUCF Blog Editor, I felt that Yasin’s presentation was excellent, and provided individuals with a unique insight into this rapidly expanding area of political activity.

Our second speaker for the day was Deidre Alden, Conservative Parliamentary candidate for Edgbaston. Deidre spoke about the fundamentals of campaigning, and the electoral process. She highlighted the importance of canvassing in identifying voting patterns among individual roads and neighbourhoods. In addition, Deidre gave an excellent summary of the workings of the electoral process, stating her opposition towards the expansion of postal ballots, due to severe flaws in the system. In the run-up to a general election that marks a critical juncture in Britain’s future, BUCF is fully committed towards helping both Deidre Alden, and the main target seats in Birmingham to ensure a Conservative Party victory come Election Day.

Our final activity of the day was a focus group, that gave participants the opportunity to have their say about the society, and how it could be improved. Overall, participants were pleased with the activeness of the society, particularly in the run up to the general election. Participants called for a greater breadth of political activities by the society, including more focus groups, political debates, and greater interaction with the Labour and Liberal Democrat societies in the University of Birmingham. I concur fully with these views, and agree that our political background should not be forgotten, particularly in the run up to the general election.

Overall, it was a highly productive day for the members of BUCF, which engaged members effectively, establishing a clear direction for the society to take, and which highlighted the importance of campaigning in the run up to the general election, both on the Internet, and at a grassroots level. With a combination of a greater online presence, and a broader, more frequent range of political activities, I believe that BUCF can enhance its already substantial reputation, as a visible, politically active branch of Conservative Future.


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