Don’t drop her David…

Thirty five years ago today Margaret Thatcher was embarking on her first day as leader of the Conservative Party – the first of what would be nearly 6000 days at the helm of our party and our country. Whatever your personal opinion of Mrs Thatcher and her time in office, her influence on all the major political parties is undoubted and her impact on the country and the world as a whole is unquestionable. Jim Callaghan once said “The further you travel away from the UK the more admired she is”. This may well have been the case in “crisis what crisis” Callaghan’s day – after all Matron Margaret was giving the country some tough tonic to swallow– but today you won’t have to look far from home to find a revised and decidedly positive opinion of the Iron Lady. She is increasingly regarded as the benchmark of British Politics as hers is a name synonymous with strong, decisive and principled leadership – a far cry from the current state of affairs. So yes thirty five years may well have passed and there are those out there who would question whether she matters at all today, but as far as I am concerned her example is timeless. David Cameron and the Conservative leadership as a whole, given the gargantuan task they will face if and when they form a government, would do well to listen and learn from this courageous and timeless leader.


5 thoughts on “Don’t drop her David…

  1. Well said, politicians need to learn from her on all sides, they’ve become a bit pathetic- only interested in furthering their own careers and moving away from traditional party values. Thats why we need Thatcher v2 AKA Boris Johnson!

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