An eye-opener for some, an embarrassment for Labour!

As a follow-up to my earlier blog, I thought I would say a few words about the Asylum debate which was held on Tuesday. It was a fascinating and heated debate which brought to light many questions on a misunderstood system. Furthermore, there was the upsetting first hand account of what it is like to be seeking an Asylum in this country from Ellen Bote and Almamy Taal. I would like to congratulate STAR for the organisation of this event and look forward to attending their future events.

The BUCF were there in force to support Jo Barker (PPC for Hall Green and on the Party’s Human Rights Commission). I believe that we did extremely well in the debate and Jo was the only politician on the panel to give solid policy and actually answer the questions the audience asked. She talked in detail of our plans to decrease the period in which Asylum seekers cannot apply for work and increase the legal aid provided. By the sounds of the Liberal Democrat representative we won him over, who welcomed Jo’s comments and the stance of the Conservative Party. Moreover, he did not spell confidence for the Lib Dem’s performance in the approaching General Election, stating that they should “face reality” about a Conservative victory and will be “lucky to increase our seats by more than five”.

As for labour, one word sums up their performance…embarrassing! Not only could the governing party of this country not be bothered to send someone who knows what they are talking about, the person they did send doesn’t even know the difference between Asylum Seekers and Immigrants. It was truly shocking. Throughout the debate Labour emphasised how ill-equipped a Labour Government is to tackle the issues and problems of the current Asylum System. A person who advocates British Jobs for British Workers and argues that Asylum Seekers should be “grateful” that they are here is not qualified to take part in this debate. And this more importantly highlights how out of touch New Labour has become! 

By the end of it I think even the Labour representative realised how wrong the Labour Government has got it, when it comes to Asylum Seeker Policy stating that he wasn’t “going to sit here and defend it”.


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