CF Call for Change

Monday 11th January saw the launch of the new Geneva Call Centre in Coleshill, Birmingham with Party Chairman Eric Pickles cutting the ribbon and kick starting the West Midlands new addition to the campaign.

The event was attended by CFers from across the West Midlands, and proved to be another fine example of how CF supports the Party whenever needed.

Members of staff at the call centre delivered great speeches, and we all left feeling greatly enthused about the difference that can be made. CF will continue to assist at the Call Centre right up until the election.


6 thoughts on “CF Call for Change

  1. “I’m calling on behalf of the Conservative Party”
    “Oh, how lovely! I’ve always voted for you, and always will!”
    “Thank you very much!”

    I enjoyed that call the most lol.

    • Nice one Hels!

      I hope that the Party can count on your ‘calling’ support in the future, you obviously have the magic touch! :)

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