The Man Who Would Be King?

I thought I would share what I believe to be an iconic picture. Prince William’s recent visit to New Zealand and Australia was, for me, the first time I’ve really seen him as a King in waiting. This iconic picture was taken in Australia’s Government House and it catches a pensive Prince William momentarily lost in thought, gazing toward his Grandmother’s vacant throne, no doubt pondering the destiny that awaits him. But beneath all the pomp and the pageantry there remain dark clouds on the blue blood’s horizon. The Republican movement is gathering pace in Australia and it is not entirely radical to suggest that when Her Majesty dies, so too will the British Monarchy’s role in Australia.

The truth is that the individual, the Queen, is held in more regard than the institution, the Monarchy, and without her it is doubtful that it will continue given the current strength of the Republican movement. Having said this much of the Australian press, even the Republican leaning publications, have concluded that Prince William’s visit was a roaring success and a tremendous boost for the Royal Family’s prospects in Australia. So the questions remain; will “Prince Charmings” offensive be enough to resist the Republican tide? Would his succession to his grandmothers throne prove to be the saving grace for the Monarchy in Australia? Or is this all part of a grand farewell by the Royals to the Australians they hold in such high regard? Only time will tell…


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