Marriage Troubles

Cartoon taken from the London Times.

Throughout the last 70 years of history, there have been many shifts to the global political landscape. Empires have fallen, nation have arisen from the abyss, extremists and moderates have swapped places across the globe. But one piece of this landscape has remained sound and intact; the invisible bridge across the Atlantic to our American cousins; until now. With a combination of a Prime minister with the international standing of a potted plant and a president who is keener to get close to Ahmadinejad, Merkel and Sarkozy; is it perhaps time to file for divorce rather than renew the marriage vows of this ‘special relationship’.

   There were those detractors of President George W Bush who accused him of not knowing where many foreign nations were, but perhaps that mantle belongs to his replacement. It has become increasingly apparent that not only does Obama not know where the UK is, but that perhaps he is also unaware of its very existence. This failing became apparent during his recent visit to West Point military academy (the US equivalent of RMA Sandhurst). Where although talking at great length on the subject of the increased commitment to the Afghanistan conflict of allied nations, he failed to make a single mention of Britain or the fact that we are second largest world power with forces there.

   Perhaps we should not be surprised by these rude snubs of our premier and our nation. Obama has never really been any friend of our nation. During his first week as president, he had a bust of Winston Churchill, given by the UK as a gift of friendship to the US in the dark weeks following September 11th, removed from the oval office never to be seen in public again.

  No matter how dishy Hilary Clinton finds Milliband the older; will the current situation improve? If the reasons behind this lack of intimacy are hard to deduce; then the solution is neigh impossible. One can only stress for Mr Cameron to demonstrate himself to be the equal of Obama in terms of statesman and showmanship and hopefully his superior when it comes to decision making and global intellect.

Adam Jenner,

BUCF Events Officer


7 thoughts on “Marriage Troubles

  1. “we are second largest world power with forces there.” As in we are the second “world power” or the country with the second largest number of troops in Afghanistan.

    Oh and I somehow doubt Cameron will be able to gain Obama’s attention since the latter regards the former as “what a lightweight”.

  2. We have the second largest number of troops in Afghanistan; and assuming Brown doesn’t continue to dismantle what armed forces we have left, we are still a world power.

    At least Obama knows who David Cameron is prior to his potential premiership. The first meeting with Brown I’m sure required a quick trip to Wikipedia for Mr. Obama.


  3. This rift between David Cameron and Obama stems from one simple fact; Obama does not value Britain in the same way that every president in the last 40 years has; with the exception of Jimmy ‘Peanut’ Carter.

    According to this New Statesman article, the matter which they split over was the EU, not suprising seeing as how much Obama wants to chummy up to the Euro-federalists. Obama obviously wants to sink to personal insults, I’d rather just watch him fanny about till 2012 like the featherweight he is.

    New Statesman Article


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