10 Comments on Nick Clegg’s Speech

1) Why didn’t he brush his hair before hand? He looked like a schoolboy.

2) He went to Canary Wharf to rail against the financial sector. Isn’t that just protesting, rather than giving a speech about plans to govern to whole nation. All he needed was a placard.

3) He stood in front of a corporate logo, specifically Thompson Reuters,  a company dealing largely in the financial sector, while telling us how we needed to localise power and change the ‘old style’ of politics. Who has their manifesto launches sponsored anyway?

4) My housemate said “I’m not interested in politics, and even I can find holes in his policies”. So much for including those put off politics by the scandals.

5) It contained more things he wasn’t going to do anymore than ideas he promised to implement. Those he did mention, such as localising power over schools and police forces, appear to have come straight from the Conservatives.

6) The idea of every house, office and school producing their own energy source is frankly ridiculous.

7) He wants the economy to stop relying on the financial sector. Quite how he will replace 14% of GDP is beyond me. We can’t all work installing wind turbines.

8) He’s got rid of the policies everyone knew about, such as removing Tuition Fees, and replaced them with a vague promise to ‘reduce class sizes’.

9) He dodged the only important question, what he would do in the event of a hung parliament. This is the only way he will get close to power and he won’t talk about it.

10) It was a very short speech. Either he thinks we all have short attention spans, and so isn’t “treating us like adults” as he promised, or he doesn’t have very much to say about the economy, the war in Afghanistan, or any of the other pressing issues of the day.

James Wallis


6 thoughts on “10 Comments on Nick Clegg’s Speech

  1. I’d say you don’t deserve to be treated like an adult when the first comment you make is about the blokes hair. Unlike David Cameron, who spends longer doing his hair than writing policies, Nick Clegg actually has some substance.

    As for sponsors, aren’t a lot of Tory PPC’s sponsored by Lord Ashcroft anyway, despite him spending most of his time overseas?

  2. I think it’s perfectly legitimate to comment on Nick Clegg’s hair. If he can’t even brush his own hair he hasn’t got much hope of achieving anything else. But we all know that already.

  3. Mark, I’m not naive enough to think that politicians don’t take money from large organisations or donors, but standing in front of their logo, and their logo alone, when discussing the basis of your election manifesto, especially given what he said in his speech, seems hypocritical to me. Cameron gave his speech in front of the new poster, which is surely the logical option.

    With regards to his hair, if that is the most polished performance he feels he can give, then fine. He’s trying to get my vote and I thought he looked a mess and unprofessional.

  4. “I think it’s perfectly legitimate to comment on Nick Clegg’s hair.”

    Poking fun is fine but having someone’s hairstyle as your first point in a list of ten is a bit flimsy. I don’t think it would be fair to treat a female politician that way and I don’t see how it’s fair to focus on that element of a male politician.

    I’m amused by this: “He looked like a schoolboy.”

    I think the phrase ‘glass houses’ comes to mind.

  5. It is perfectly legitimate. it’s a shame no one commented on it though. How his hair was looking is not central to how professional he looks (within reason of course.)

    Apart from anything else his hair was fine. I suppose that’s subjective but why is an unsupported opinion number 1 on the list? I suppose that’s to be expected from a party who’s shadow chancellor can’t even commit to his ‘no.1 priority’.

    Looking at the blog more closely:

    4) I don’t care what someone’s house mate thinks.
    5) A bit hypocritical: why don’t you tell us about the married couples allowance or the change to national insurance.
    8) If the promise to reduce class sizes is so vague, will the conservative party credibly match it? (No)
    10) Guess who gave one of the shortest budget response speeches of the last 100 years. (David Cameron)

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