A look back at the term that passed

We started the term by tripling the membership numbers at Fresher’s Fair and since the mass sign up on Fresher’s Week, new members have been getting in touch with the society regularly. We have had at least one new member signing up each week!

When I took on the role of leading the society in May I promised more local engagement and that is exactly what we have been doing this term. This term, record numbers of BUCF activists have been in the streets and on the doorsteps supporting our candidates across the city. It has been great fun, too, spending time with some of the most charismatic politicians in the region including Mike Whitby, Leader of Birmingham City Council as well as our PPCs: Nigel Dawkins in Selly Oak, Deirdre Alden in Edgbaston and Maggie Throup in Solihull.

Furthermore, I promised to ensure that BUCF were getting involved in at least one social action each month and again, that is exactly what we have done. In October, Amil led the Poppy Appeal and raised £1500 by selling poppies in various locations in the city. Daniel organised our November social action and raised more than £800 for Help For Heroes. In December, five BUCF members including Helen, Tim, Amil, Daniel and myself took part in the St Basil’s BIG Sleepout raising awareness and funds for the local charity. I’m sure none of us will forget that night!

However, BUCFs engagement has not been only with the wider community but we have also been taking part in student life through the guild and with other societies on campus. In October, I was invited to speak at the Birmingham University Debating Society and through such activity we are able to raise awareness of the true values of Conservatives and create healthy debate on campus in order to contribute to student democracy and choice.

As well as being a political society, BUCF is renowned for its relentless social events and Adam has ensured that the social side of the society has not slipped away. Throughout the term, he has organised various get-togethers and social events helping to bring members together.

Finally, in order to ensure that members are aware of BUCF happenings and upcoming events, in November we launched the BUCF Monthly Newsletter that goes out to every member as well as our local association, Edgbaston Officers. This was only possible through our mailing list, which Alex set up earlier in the term. Look out for the newsletter and keep up-to-date with your society. If you have not received this in November or this month please get in touch with Alex or myself so we can make sure you are receiving it each month next term.

This term has been a real success for us all here at BUCF. Thank you to everyone who has made this possible. Without you, the members, the society would have lost its purpose and I’d like to ensure that BUCF caters for all our members so please get in touch, get involved and make your mark!

I look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.

Best wishes,

Sahar Rezazadeh

BUCF President 09/10


5 thoughts on “A look back at the term that passed

  1. Sahar – yourself and the committee have done a fantastic job and we all look forward to more of the same in 2010. Without many Birmingham seats a Conservative victory at the next election will be all but impossible. Your tremendous efforts can really help make the difference between much needed change, in the form of Cameron’s Conservatives, and more of the same with Gorbals Brown’s Old Labour.

    Thanks to all your hard work over the last few months you’re in a fantastic position, far better than anything we’ve seen before, to help take the fight to Labour and I know you’ll do everything you can to help turn Birmingham blue. For now though I hope everyone has a much deserved Christmas break and gets more than a bit merry on the sherry lol ;) x

  2. Thank you Dan!

    Of course without you, we would not have had the stepping stones to do all this. Also, thank you for all the support you have offered and given the society this term.


  3. Great stuff, we really need someone as proactive and dedicated as yourself to ensure labour loses its rein of terror and the tories get in to clean up the mess and give a better (if belated) start to this fine century! The committee also have contributed superbly to the cause aswell as organising some great social events (the ones i turned upto anyway!)
    Keep up the good work and have a great Christmas and New Year!

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