BUCF Sleepout with St Basils

It wasn’t particularly dry and it certainly wasn’t warm but the December evening in Digbeth was by no means quiet. On the 4th, members of Birmingham University Conservative Future joined faith groups, book clubs and activists in raising money for the St Basils Charity, which fights against homelessness by providing accommodation and supporting services to those living on the street. As a fundraising event, each member raises money through sponsorship by sleeping outside for a night in the local St Basils Church car park. Each participant is given a cardboard box, a plastic bag and a space in which to ‘camp’ and left to their own devices. The experience in the car park which is definitely not protected from the elements has over the years had a profound effect on all who participate, and this December was no exception. The cold, rain and general discomfort all serve to highlight the challenges that the homeless in Britain face every night, especially during the winter. All members of BUCF who attended experienced something very different to the norm, yet came out with a positive attitude; and having raised a large amount of money for St Basils, let’s hope that next year we can do it again and raise even more.

Daniel Cole


3 thoughts on “BUCF Sleepout with St Basils

  1. Sounds like quite an experience! Hopefully will help make a real improvement in some peoples lives this Christmas and beyond!

  2. This really was an amazing experience. We raised money, met people from across the West Midlands region as well as practiced our team work skills! I must say the group were all fantastic. Tim, Helen, Amil and Dan make great team members and I can imagine they make great leaders too although Dan was leading on the night.

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