The future’s bright, the future’s blue…

Helen Davies’ second guest contribution to the BUCF blog discusses modern methods of communication as the key to persuasion.

Just has a ring to it doesn’t it? Blue is cool, calm and collected. Blue is relaxed without being foolish. Blue reminds you of summer days, the sea and looking up to the sky. A red future would spell danger and we certainly need no more of that.

But the challenge is to make everyone’s favourite colour blue. Complacency could lead to disaster so we need to prepare to fight for what we know this country needs – a shakeup! Confidence without arrogance is what we need.  We must engage the public before the Election. So many people have lost faith in politics and democracy – this is a tragedy. What is even more worrying is that many members of “Generation Y” – my peers – never have cared and don’t see how the result next year will affect them at all. British troops have for many years fought for democracy in other parts of the world and yet many Britons themselves seem to be losing sight of what have the power to vote actually means.

Televised debates? Yes please. Politicians using social networking sites? Yes please. Political podcasts? Definitely. The way forward, in my opinion, is communication. If you asked the average 18 year old who their MP is I reckon the majority would respond with a “don’t know” or, even worse, a “don’t care”. This has got to change! The young people of today are the taxpayers of tomorrow. We have to persuade them to care and to make change happen. Communication technology has leaped forward over the last 10-15 years and we need to exploit the “new media” to reach people who think politics doesn’t affect them.

I’m certainly up for the challenge of engaging and listening to the public and persuading voters to pick the right colour.


4 thoughts on “The future’s bright, the future’s blue…

  1. Good stuff Helen! Its so true. Communication between us and our politicians is vital if we are to have a decent level of democracy

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  3. Glad you enjoyed it. Whenever I write blog posts I always find myself wondering whether people will read them, particularly when they’re written late at night as this one was lol.

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