The Mummy Returns

Margaret Thatcher came home today when she was invited back to 10 Downing Street to unveil her much delayed official portrait by Richard Stone. Gordon Brown greeted the Iron Lady warmly at the door of Number 10  however a less than sympathetic commentator labelled the meeting as “handbag meets douchebag!”. Inside Number 10 Gordon Brown made a very warm speech paying tribute to Lady Thatcher and her time as Prime Minister. “You were a great leader and I want to thank you for the great service you gave to our country,” he said to the 60 assembled guests. Lady Thatcher now takes her rightful place as one of only 3 Prime Ministers of the 20th century to have individual paintings on permanent display in the state rooms, the other 2 being David Lloyd George and Winston Churchill. Margaret Thatcher truly is an icon of our time and it seems with each day that passes history becomes a little kinder to her and her formidable legacy.

BUCF is paying its own tribute to the Glory Days of Margaret Thatcher tonight with the much anticipated “BUCF goes back to the 80’s” event, full details of which can be found on our Facebook group.


2 thoughts on “The Mummy Returns

  1. This is a great symbol of appreciation for one of our greatest and most decisive leaders. Her politics was based on principle and conviction, something which is scarcely adhered to now.

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