Circles Of Influence

On Friday night I was invited to the launch of the Circles of Influence campaign at the House of Lords. The Circles of Influence is our university’s £60 million fundraising campaign to introduce a host of new projects to the university including “student scholarships, a new music building and innovative research in areas as diverse as healthy ageing, brain injury rehabilitation and personal financial management.” This programme is not just good news for students, staff and alumni but will have a great impact on our city as it brings “life-changing developments both on our historic campus and far beyond.” It was a fantastic evening where the vision for the University of Birmingham was outlined by the Vice- Chancellor.

DE and SR

David Eastwood, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Birmingham and I.


2 thoughts on “Circles Of Influence

  1. I suppose he would like to bring about these changes through hiking fees up to £7000. I’m all for “life-changing developments both on our historic campus and far beyond”, but only if everyone is able to have the opportunity to take part in them if they so wish.

  2. Chris,

    I guess the idea is that you can get an interest-free loan out to pay for your fees and then pay those loans back on a monthly basis when you are in full time employment.

    I sort of sit on the fence with this issue though.

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