An Open Letter to BUCF

Hi, I’m Helen Davies. I’m a 3rd year Human Biology student and I’ve just applied for PGCE Biology courses. I’m an only child from Surrey who went to a high-ranking independent school. You are probably thinking that I fit the stereotypical view of Tories that the Left subscribes to. And yes, in a way you are correct. At first glance, on paper at least, it seems that I do fit this unfair stereotype.

I have, however, only just joined BUCF despite being at Birmingham for the past 2 years. This, I have to confess, is mainly due to my lack of knowledge of BUCF’s existence due to not paying enough attention to activism on campus. But over the last few years I have had time to develop my own opinions on politics, not necessarily in line with my family’s views, and this year seemed an appropriate time to join the Right cause seeing as the Election is looming – very exciting times!

You may know me already as I’m now the Vice President of the University’s Welsh Society, was on the SLOBS (Student Life Outside Biosciences) committee last year as 2nd year rep and represented Human Biology students on the Biosciences Student Staff Liaison Committee as a fresher and also last year as a 2nd year student.

I’ll give you a brief bit of background information as to why I have developed a keen interest in politics and current affairs. My father, Philip, has worked at the Parliamentary Counsel Office for over 25 years. The lawyers amongst you may know that this Office is responsible for drafting legislation – it underpins the law-making process in this country. So, I have grown up with Dad talking about current affairs, politics and politicians every night at the dinner table. It does get a tad tedious at times but it’s fascinating to know the stories behind the headlines. It’s also interesting to hear my Dad talking to other people about his job as, of course, he should – theoretically at least – remain impartial. Over the past few years he has been responsible for drafting the Finance Bill, which is the basis for both the Pre-Budget Report and the Budget itself. Currently, this isn’t a particularly exciting area as any work he does know will be rendered useless when the Tories return to power. He’s also been involved in legislating for the formation of the Welsh Assembly and for the construction of the New Severn Bridge.

I’ll turn my attention now to the event we’re all waiting for: The General Election. This is particularly exciting for people our age – Generation Y as we’ve been labelled – because a lot of us won’t have been able to vote in a General Election before. For me, it’s all about tactics. Here in Birmingham we have the potential to take a seat from Labour. At home – in Surrey – Labour don’t get a look in so it’s not quite so exciting so I’m going to use my vote here and not at home.

In about 7 months’ time we could actually Be The Change. This is the message we need to spread both locally in and around campus and nationally across all the major British cities. Using Twitter and Facebook to influence young people has got to be a priority. Twitter is especially useful – I’ve learnt so much already about political gossip from following the likes of Tory Bear and Guido Fawkes.

That’s enough of my rambling – need to get some actual uni work done! Please feel free to follow me on Twitter – – and read my personal blog at

Thanks for reading.

Hels Davies


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