President Blair?!

President Blair

Amil Khan is a new member of BUCF, having joined in the last two weeks. He has however, already posted on and we look forward to more in the future

If the last Labourite edition of The Sun was a huge blow for Gordon Brown, there is no doubt that the next day’s Daily Mail would do little to comfort him as it has been revealed that a certain Tony Blair is on the verge of becoming the first permanent President of Europe.

If the news is concern for Conservatives just imagine the intolerable anguish the Prime Minister must be feeling right now, particularly as it was his decision to break a key manifesto pledge by not holding a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty that will have resulted in the creation of President Blair. Yet another broken promise from this government to add to their ever growing list of failures. If the post is to be occupied by Blair it would further diminish the status of a Prime Minister who is leader only in name. Reverted back to being overshadowed by a man he spent years plotting against for a job in which he has perfomed disastourously to say the least, Gordon Brown has every right to be worried…..but so does the country.

The Conservatives have always been determined to take it upon themselves that it is their duty to retain the power and influence of the House of Commons rather than to hand over power to the EU. With President Blair at the helm the role of national government would be reduced and accountability and democracy severely weakened, as he would enjoy considerable power.

We have already had the misfortune of experiencing what Blair can do with such power but earlier this week Czech senators opposing the Lisbon Treaty filed a complaint against it with the country’s constitutional court. This could delay the ratification of the treaty for another couple of months in which the general election will be held. It is clear that the British people will say no to one unelected leader and the Conservatives would hold a referendum in which the British people would say no to another unelected leader.

Amil Khan


4 thoughts on “President Blair?!

  1. Sorry for stealing your thunder, Amil. May I humbly submit William Hague’s excellent speech on this subject?

  2. William Hague at his absolute best; witty and articulate showing why he is by far one of the best orators in the house.

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