The Sun Rises In a Blue Sky

labours lost it

Should we be happy to receive the support of the Sun newspaper? A paper that appears to follow the political trend and that supported the New Labour governments of 1997, 2001 and 2005. The paper that famously stated “The Sun Supports Blair” and that strengthened in its support for Labour over the following four years.

The answer is YES. The Newspaper’s motivations can be questioned and the reasoning behind such a swing can be exaggerated but in reality this move is a telltale symbol of the death of Labour. Many will suggest that it is a populist move. That it is an effort on the part of the Sun’s editors to gain support from the future party in power. Yet today in its pages, the newspaper reveals diabolical evidence to support its move from the red to the blue.

“Labour failed on schools…four in 10 kids leave [school] … unable to read, write or add up properly.”

“Labour failed on health spending billions on… managers instead of on frontline care.”

“Labour failed on immigration… opening the borders without any regard to the consequences.”

“Labour failed … children. Britain is officially the worst country in the developed world in which to grow up.”

“Labour failed our troops… leaving them to die through chronic under-funding and the shambolic leadership of dismal defence secretaries.

Just as The Sun states: “Labour’s driving ambition has not been to improve Britain. It has been to retain power at all costs – with no lie judged too great in its ruthless and relentless self-promotion”

“They have had their chance and FAILED!”

Emma Morton states that “over the past 12 years the NHS has become like a giant supermarket.” She is so right. Service has dropped, illnesses developed in hospital have boomed and we are charged to visit our families and friends. Healthcare has not been this dire for fifty years.

As George Pascoe-Watson points out, Brown’s speech yesterday suggested that Labour would build a new world. Yet that is a definitive admission that New Labour “has failed to change Britain for the better after 12 years” under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

The literature to support The Sun’s change in allegiance is staggering, and instead of asking ‘why The Sun has switched its support to the Conservatives?’ perhaps we should query ‘why did they not move sooner?’

This is yet another sign of the growing support that David Cameron’s Conservatives are gaining from a tired and frustrated country. This is another sign that even national institutions like The Sun cannot stand by and ignore the destruction that Labour is inflicting on this once great nation. This is another sign of the dire standing that Labour has achieved for itself. And finally, this is another sign… no another endorsement! to the truth that the Conservative leadership can put the great back into Great Britain.

Daniel Cole


6 thoughts on “The Sun Rises In a Blue Sky

  1. Bit of a long winded article just to say “Rupert Murdoch wants the Tories to win”, because that’s all The Sun’s decision boils down to. Simply put, The Sun will support whoever an Australian-American tells them to, it’s a well known fact.

    Hence why Tony Blair spent so long wooing Rupert Murdoch and not the then editor. Why bother trying to win the editorial team over when they don’t make these decisions?

    It’s worrying how British politics can be dominated by people who aren’t even allowed to vote in the UK.

  2. Daniel, you’re right! Why they didn’t desert them sooner is the right question.

    I saw Pascoe-Watson being interviewed the other evening where he was correct in saying that Labour had been given ample warning by the paper about its disapproval of the agenda the party was following.

    Of course in the last 48 hours there has been an enormous amount of brave face-painting on the part of the Left, however what is undeniable is that the paper will play its part in the comprehensive audit of the Blair/Brown years that is now underway.

    This election first and foremost will be about economic and administrative competence…pure and simple. However, The Sun will want to stir its readership up about immigration and Lisbon, and the Conservative Party’s future policy announcements on these issues will be interesting to watch.

    In conclusion, I wasn’t happy that the paper had for the last decade plus, decided to ignore the self-evident truths gained from the Thatcher years on how this country works best, turning a blind eye to fiscal responsibility in particular.

    It will take a while for me to forgive the paper for propping up such a recklessly incompetent government, but overall I am glad to welcome it back from the dark side.

  3. Dan,

    Perhaps this article ought to be entitled “Rats from a sinking ship”. The Sun is famously fickle-indeed, why ought a newspaper that so “ardently” supported Thatcher’s government then swing to policies so obviously at loggerheads to them? Because the Conservative government alienated itself from popular support-the lifeblood of any newspaper.

    To name but a few of the remarkable U-turns employed by this most wiley of social agitators, one might recall the leaders of the poll tax era when the Sun labelled those attending public protests opposing the tax as “thugs” (Wiki, 18) also claiming its part in swinging the public vote for the Conservatives: It’s The Sun Wot Won It”.

    Yet just a few months later, it attacks Heseltine and the Black Wednesday cabinet-“Now we’ve all been screwed by the cabinet”

    I am, I admit, doing little more than parrotting a number of other more worthy sources on the matter, but always remember this:

    It was argued that the ‘Sun’ backed New Labour at the 1997 General Election because it knew that the Conservatives had no chance of winning, and it had urged its readers to vote Conservative, afterwards it would have been seen as having backed a loser. (Also wiki.)

    Futhermore, The Sun trades its political “values” for a separate political agenda partially dictated by Rupert Murdoch-see the ERM issue for details!

    It is, I feel, somewhat naive to believe that the Sun has acted out of altruistic, patriotic values. This has been a business move, a move calculated to sell more newspapers, create more controversy and undoubtedly backed by NewsCorp’s political patrons. They may well employ their “screaming outrage” style of journalism to a politically beneficial end for the Conservative party, but one should never consider the Sun anything more than a whore to the latest and most popular issue for the masses, for reasons I have mentioned previously.

    They have an agenda, not an allegiance.

  4. I’ll admit that for me it was slightly dissapointing to see the change. I’m hoping though that there will be a bit of a backlash against this kind of ‘journalism’. The Manchester Evening News had a similar experience in the euro elections.

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