Welcome to Freshers from BUCF

I would first like to welcome, on behalf of BUCF, all those who are new to the society, or returning. I look forward, with great anticipation; to meeting you all soon as well as finding out about your own ideas and opinions regarding the issues of the day.


A great first day at the societies fair as a record number has already been officially signed up. This was helped by the wonderful weather as it shone over the (last minute) outdoor stand along with the presence of Deirdre Alden the candidate for Edgbaston at the General Election. She was kind enough to add to the array freebies for the new members.

The stand almost did not go ahead as a breakdown in communication with the Guild almost cost us the most important opportunity of the year to recruit and get our message across. But thanks to the hard work of some committee members and members of staff at the Guild we were able to make our presence know to newcomers and others throughout the University.

 As it stood at the end of the day there were a good number of fully registered members. Furthermore the conservatives received interest from more people than ever. This is irrefutable proof of the strength and importance of conservatives at the University and will be of great comfort to those Birmingham candidates standing in the General Election. The achievement is greater still as Birmingham and the University are rationally very strong Labour areas.


However, the society and the Party should not assume that the hard work is now finished as they must endeavour to keep those who have joined convinced that they are supporting the right party and ideals. Nonetheless I am confident that committee team will be able to deliver a wide range of  interesting and engaging activities which will keep this new influx of feshers, not just interested in Conservatism but, politically active.7023_142645993366_512458366_2794191_2622020_n[1]


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