LFW 2009

A little excerpt from the Telegraph. It seems that our feet are safe in the hands of Boris :D

Boris - The sexy new coverboy for Elle magazine

Boris - The sexy new coverboy for Elle magazine

“The 25th London Fashion Week opened yesterday with the city’s mayor, Boris Johnson, in his newest incarnation as style icon. Fresh from his appearance on the cover of Elle magazine, he threw down the gauntlet to the TUC with a special message of support for Blahnik babes and Louboutin lovers: “Let me promise you, as long as I have anything to do with this city and this government, there will be no ban on high heels.”

Johnson was sporting his version of “global chic”: the Beijing-made navy suit that he wore for the handover of the Olympic flag, when he committed the sartorial faux-pas of leaving the jacket unbuttoned, together with a made-in-China tie, a Marks & Spencer shirt and a pair of shoes from Church’s.

Fashion is not necessarily about politics, but blue is certainly one of the colours of the moment. For the next week, Somerset House – British fashion’s new HQ – will be bathed in “Congo blue” come sunset, as will the National Theatre and County Hall across the river.”


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