Labour’s Equality Enigma

It has recently been brought to my attention that the Equalities Office (don’t even get me started on that one) have published a factsheet celebrating women in power and all the great female barrier breakers of British politics got a mention… save one: Baroness Thatcher. I found it completely astonishing that a list celebrating women in power omitted to mention by name the most successful and powerful female politician in modern British history. A woman who became the first and to date only woman to lead a British political party. A woman who went on to lead her country in to war based on principle and win. A woman who became the longest serving Prime Minister in 150 years and a woman who gave her name to a whole generation of politics and politicians. Yet in the warped world of Labour this great standard bearer for equality and women in politics, a woman who broke every barrier and needed no special privilege or ‘category’ to get to the top, does not deserve a mention on their little list. Why? Because shes not ‘one of them’. Thats the thing about Labour and its vision of equality, they only treat you with equality and fairness if you think the way they think. If you believe in what they believe. That is why Labour can never understand equality let alone be its champion.

Labour’s “Equality” agenda is not a matter of ‘fairness’ as they like to claim. It is a gigantic, bureaucratic organisation of ideological coercion, promoting grievance, imposing cost and attacking businesses, charities, schools. As one commentator put it “It is the long march of activists who, frustrated that they could seemingly no longer nationalise businesses, have made it their task to nationalise people.” We have in Labour a government who aren’t content with wrecking our free economy they now seek to wreck our free society. Whether its refusing to allow Gurkhas who fought and died for this country to settle here, whether its pursuing legislation that can lock us up with out charge for weeks, whether is drowning us and our public services in red tape, whether its presiding over the biggest rise in income inequality in modern history, whether its watching and monitoring our every move on CCTV, whether its trying to store all our DNA and personal information on databases and ID cards or whether its imposing ‘positive discrimination’ on to us, Labour have set true equality in Britain back a generation. 

The truth is that if you want true equality in this country you have to vote for its real champion. A party whos fundamental ideology is to have faith and trust in the people. A party that believes that people and not politicians know how best to live their own lives and spend their own money. A party that uses the government machine to give power back to the people, not take it away. A party that encourages and protects the rights of the people and defends them fiercely from aggressors. A party that doesn’t tell you what to think or what to say. A party that elected a woman to lead it not on patronising ‘positive discrimination’ but on personal merit. A party that elected the first jew to lead a British political party. A party that understands true equality as it accepts the fact that it is an inevitable part of life that we are all unequal and a party that stands up for every British citizen regardless of class colour or creed. That party is the Conservative Party and its champion was Margaret Thatcher and David Cameron is a man of her mould. (Whos name was ommitted from Labours little list) :


One thought on “Labour’s Equality Enigma

  1. That’s outrageous! This just shows how childish and excessively partisan some Labour Ministers are. You’re very right Dan, you don’t get praised on merit at all in the Labour Party unless “you believe in what they believe” and this is a prime example of that.


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