The Devil Wears Prentis: Take a stand on high heels

It seems our beloved Unions, specifically the Dave Prentis led outfit known as the TUC – have been wasting more public money discussing high heels this Tuesday.  It would seem to the TUC that employers and employees are not “sensible” enough to decide what is suitable to be worn in the workplace and that Prentis et al are going to make the hard decisions so you don’t have to! Unionista Lorraine Jones, of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists assures us:

“We are not trying to ban high heels. They are good for glamming up but they are not good for the workplace.”

Heels are not the only item that can be considered ‘not good for the workplace’ by our new fashion overlords.  What about pencil skirts, or skirts in general?  Even ties could lead to injury!  Does anyone else forsee the day when we’re orange-jump-suited up with our National ID card number emblazoned across our chests?


The TUC foresees ‘workplace chic

It’s times like these one realises how important the political world actually is. The influence it has on your lifestyle, your finances, your home, your car, what you eat and now what you wear.  I thought I got out of Iran lucky! Control-freak socialists in this country are thought and fashion police disguised as equality and health and safety officers.

Now lets just get the facts right here.  First of all, high heels are not all stilettos and so the risk of injury or death is not high on all heeled shoes. I know they call them killer heels but that doesn’t mean they actually kill.  Secondly; some of us are actually more comfortable in heels than in flats (and perhaps we need that elevation). This is dependant on your body structure and weight.

But heck, you know what? A liberated individual employee or employer doesn’t even need to explain themselves to Unions.  We can’t tolerate these intervention-obsessed leftists nosing around and finding ways to paint businesses in the corner.  In tough times, enterprise is priority over the use of heels in the workplace.  Something that can be resolved through common sense does not need to be dictated- and even if it does, aren’t the TUC stepping on the Health and Safety Executive’s open-toed Choos, here?

Anyway, as Nadine Dorries MP rightly pointed out on her blog, this is all for the front:

“The TUC need to get real, stop using overtly sexist tactics by discussing women’s stilettos in order to divert attention away from Labour chaos and debate something meaningful: like where has all the money gone?”


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