Blair, Brown and a Conservative Government for 2010


It was Peter Preston that once said three D’s spell out the legacy of Prime Ministers when leaving office, ‘decay, defeat and disappointment’.  Tony Blair however, a three time general election winner, left on the back of more than a decade at the top, giving a rather  dignified speech to the House of Commons and later the press on his exit.  This I predict will be of great contrast to Mr Brown’s departure, here’s hoping in May 2010. 


Although a Conservative through and through, possibly a stubborn one at that, I am not fool hardy enough to dismiss the achievements of others, even if they did represent the wrong colour of the political spectrum.  Blair dispatched five Conservative leaders whilst we languished in opposition, never really getting as close to winning an election as we should have.  Blair was a champion vote winner, Brown is an unelected leader, a leader suffering several blows to his confidence.  Britain became a nation who no longer worried about her economic stability under the Rt.Hon Tony, something that has come back to haunt us under Gordon.  Preston however is able to continue his praise for Blair.  In an article, he turns to his work on raising the minimum wage, in bringing women into the workplace and helping to ease poverty in its harshest phases.  All of these calls for praise can of course be equally challenged, but that I feel would be missing my point.  These comparisons of former and current Prime Minister have importance to us as Conservatives.


The decay and disappointment of Brown compared to the youthful exuberance of Blair are highlighted to such an extent that we as a Party must thrive upon the downbeat nature of Labour.  For the first time in many years within the Conservative Party, there is a real sense of impeding change and success for us in May of next year.  It is my job as General Election Co-ordinator to channel this excitement and call upon those of you who really wish to see change in this country, and urge support where ever possible.    


Keep a look out for social events and campaigning opportunities!





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