Labour Has Failed (Part 2)

Labour Has Failed

The black hole deepens and darkens and yet the Labour party, who resides in its apex, is showing no sign of recovery.  Let me divulge further:

Health:  Labour promised under Tony Blair to totally reshape and reform the British Health System. Far too late, Gordon Brown stated that he would act where Blair had failed. Under both premiers, Labour has failed the National Health Service, which their predecessors created and nourished. Reform has stalled, and though investment has increased, standards have not. As has been the case with the education department, Labour has funded the NHS blindly without direction; so much so that civil servants have been given greater pay rises than doctors and nurses.In March, it was revealed that Directors of NHS trusts received above average pay rises last year of 6.4%, yet nurses received only just above 2%. There are obvious problems with this system.

There is also terrible physical evidence of Labour’s failed investment; that of hospital infections. MRSA rates in hospitals quadrupled between 1997 and 2005, and the number of related deaths jumped during the same time. This at a moment when the government were investing heavily; yet even as the government attempted to ‘clean up’ they added heaps of new regulations which restricted the duties and roles of those who could have helped.

Yet as if this was not enough, one of Labour’s greatest errors was the vastly expensive nationalised computer system that they are still completing. The system was supposed to link 30,000 GP’s with 500 hospitals, providing NHS staff with the medical details of 50,000 patients at every stage of their diagnosis, treatment and discharge. Yet more than a decade after work on it begun, it is still not completed. It has now cost £12.7 billion and there is no sign of the cost levelling out. Moreover, though the NHS is currently forecasting a completion date of 2014-15, four years later than originally planned, MPs said even this revised schedule looks over-optimistic: A true sign of Labour’s sheer incompetence. Tony Blair’s quote, “24 hours to save the NHS” has turned into 10 years and still going.

Defence: The Labour Party has asked too much and done too little! Men and women who join our armed forces know that there is the possibility, however small that they will risk their lives for their Queen and country. But this knowledge is part of a contract. The other side of which states that the government and country should provide these troops with the equipment and medical services that they deserve. Labour has broken this contract. They have sent our troops off to war, on dubious terms, without the support, equipment or pay that they require and deserve.

Many have felt the need to speak out, but the government have knocked them down. When the recently retired head of the army General Richard Dannatt criticised the government for not providing the equipment that was needed, a smear campaign began. Lord Foulkes a Labour Peer tabled a motion to release the expenses of Sir Richard to try and make him look wasteful and Labour ministers started to argue that the head of the army was losing his grip. None of them were able to tarnish him. His expenses were miniscule and his record was impeccable.How typical of a Labour Government to hit out at a brave soldier who raises concerns, in order to gain political clout. Disgraceful!

But not only this, the government, and especially Gordon Brown has stated that the armed forces are getting all the equipment that they need! The troops would disagree, and so would the terrible toll that both Iraq and Afghanistan have inflicted. Labour has a despicable record on defence, and their lies and slander campaigns are a sign of their desperation.

To be continued…

Daniel Cole


2 thoughts on “Labour Has Failed (Part 2)

  1. Excellent argument however in a separate post titled ‘NH-YeS’ it was said:

    “our job as Conservatives is to conserve that which we as a nation cherish and believe to be an irreplacable part of our national fabric. The NHS is part of that fabric. It is an institution that emmerged out of the ruins of war ravaged Britain and breathed new life in to our struggling people”


    Personally I didn’t agree with much of the NHYES post or the criticism of Dan Hannan (and found that quote particularly galling) but regardless of that I think we really need to be a bit clearer on the distinction between the purpose of the NHS – universal healthcare – and the NHS institution itself which is nothing more than a method of delivery. I believe that the NHS as a system is failed and needs to be entirely uprooted. Other, better, methods exist by which our goal might be met.

    Again excellent article.


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