Soon to be a member…

First of all may I start off by expressing how honoured I am to have been asked to do a guest post on the BUCF blog. Since starting college nearly two years ago I have followed the blog closely on a regular basis and look forward to joining the society upon my arrival at University.

Without going into every reason, I will briefly highlight two of the many reasons I will be joining BUCF as oppose to the other political societies and the importance of electing a Conservative government. In this year’s budget, the government broke a key manifesto pledge by introducing a new 50p tax rate for those earning £150,000. The move was not only more evidence of the contradiction which has become familiar with this administration but signalled the return of Socialism. Picking on a small group of people is not the basis of a tax policy. Today it was revealed that an astonishing 5 million people have never worked under Labour, yet those who do work are denied a fair return for their efforts by a tax system which penalises successful achievement.

Yes there are people who have tried to find employment but have been unsuccessful and have had no other option but to turn to benefits for financial support. But for a very long time, before the recession even started we have had in place a culture where people now choose the easy option of remaining on benefits instead of trying to find work as the generous amounts of welfare funded by the hardworking British taxpayer allows them to live on these benefits.

Labour has failed to reform the welfare state and a change of attitude amongst these ‘welfare ghettos’ can only be achieved through a change of attitude from a Conservative government. One of the fundamental reasons I made the decision to become a Conservative was I believe we the people should tell the government what to do, not the other way round. We now seem to have more rules, more regulations and more taxes than ever. Slowly over the past 12 years this government has not only taken more of our money, but more of our options and most importantly more of our freedom. I firmly believe that as government intervention contracts, liberty expands and this freedom cannot be attained under Labour. We have reached a stage where Labour are so out of touch with reality.

In comparison with the government’s policies, the Conservative proposals are far superior and what Labour call ‘radical’ is in fact right and what they call ‘dangerous’ is desperately needed. What our country needs is a rediscovery of our values which have been lost this past decade. For most of the 20th century the Conservative Party was the dominant political force in Britain, even when for short periods it was in opposition. And I firmly believe that once again it will be the Conservative Party who will take the bold steps necessary to reverse the customary decline Britain heads towards at the end of Labour governments.

Amil Khan


4 thoughts on “Soon to be a member…

  1. Amil,

    Thank you for a gripping post. I look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to the society. I can see that you have the ability to take the society to great heights.

  2. Amil you are a classic example of the great promise a society like BUCF has to offer. Im sure you will thrive in and be a great asset to it :)

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