A Sad Day – But One Of Honour

the glorious dead

Today, a grim milestone has been reached. The British nation has now lost 200 of her best and bravest to the war in Afganistan. The figure was reached by the loss of a soldier of the 2nd Battalion, The Royal Welsh, who died of his injuries in our very own Selly Oak hospital. Let us take a minute to remember these men and women who have given their lives for their country.

Daniel Cole


One thought on “A Sad Day – But One Of Honour

  1. What ever we may think of the conflict in which they gave their lives, we can’t doubt the courage and decency of these brave men and women. I sincerely hope that whoever wins the next election recognises how severely underfunded and ill equpit our troops are:

    “They gave everything and asked for nothing. Perhaps we give too little and ask for too much”

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