Had about enough?

Economics, as well as foreign policy matters are the two key areas in which I focus the bulk of my studies. It was of no surprise then that once again the country is only getting worse economically. In a report that has now been published, unemployment especially for young people is set to rise yet again. Now this does not mean however, which I have seen a lot of this summer break is that university returners cannot get a part time job, these statistics are for young people who have been put off going to university for fear of debt.  This report suggests that nearly one in six 18 to 24 year olds are unable to get work due to a lack of training provided for by the government. Now this for me brings up several key points again on why 11 years of a Labour government has damaged this country like no other government ever has. Firstly University, the government wanted to achieve 50% of school leavers to attend university, but then realised they could not fund this and hence double shot themselves in the foot by introducing top-up fees as if normal student debt was not enough. I personally do not mind paying for something if I get my monies worth; however the National Student Survey which this year had a record number of participants showed that nearly 10% of graduates felt that aspects of their course were either very poor or unacceptable which is an increase from last year and has been doing since the creation of the survey in 2003, So Labour you charge students so much and yet do not deliver. Secondly to unemployment, Education, Education, Education is a slogan that has become infamous for what is a dead government. If the government actually applied what it set to do and promised the people of this country then maybe more young people could find work, however with a lot of Labour policy I am yet to see this materialise and cannot help but think that Labour simply hope this will fade away. Finally to combine the both, we are in a recession as we all know and a lot of this has to do with market powers (Google it if you are not sure) which acts uninfluenced and where normal national governments find it hard to influence the economy. However with over £1 Trillion now been put into the world economy in a joint effort by the international community, IMF, ECB, BoE, World Bank and Federal Reserve and a further £50 billion of quantitive easing (where governments pump money into an economy in order to ‘soften the blow’ of recession) and interest rates left on hold at a record low, all I can wonder is where is this money coming from and is it actually having any effect, would market forces have worked better, I believe so. This government has zero excuse and no leg to stand on when it comes to the multiple failures it has had on this country, student debt highest with falling satisfaction rates, young people unemployment rising and government debt that any party, most likely the Conservatives who win the next election will be burdened with, and that party will have to make the real hard decisions for what is best for this country. Any sane person, political, economic or the ‘mondeo man’ will know and are shouting from the rooftops, call that election, let the people decide and in my eyes let a real party who can make those tough decisions take power and get this country back moving again, for too long have I seen this great country crumble under the 11 years of failure by what is now a dead government.

Mark Harrop


One thought on “Had about enough?

  1. I note that Germany and France have just recorded economic growth. Not only has the government thrown more money at the problem than our neighbours, but their policies appear to have been more ineffective. Britain under Labour is once again the sick man of Europe.

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