Take Aim…FIRE! Sorry Sir I cant, I don’t have any bullets…shall we borrow some rejects?

I am an avid believer that all problems can be sorted out by simply sitting down and getting the issue out into the open. Some may say this as a sign of weakness and hesitation in an ideal world of world peace. However if talks fail, commitment must be upheld.

This blog may spark some controversy as they have been known to do, however I want to make one thing very clear. Although I may not fully support the reasons why we are in the two wars we are in, I do FULLY support our men and women in uniform who are out there risking their lives in order to keep our freedom and liberty alive. I also believe that these people should be praised as heroes’ not savaged by a minority of people, basically I am saying I endorse the excellent blog by Dan Cole last week!

What got to me this week in the news is the fact that our men and women, those people risking their lives to keep us safe are not safe themselves. They are ill-equipped to run normal patrols of Helmand Province, let alone start the major offensive Panther Claw. The Americans laugh at the British and their poor equipment and we often have to borrow helicopters and ammunition from them in order for our men and women to be sustained.

Now the question I raise now is, if this Labour government after Tony Blair’s stand down still fully supported the wars in which they voted on, why has there not been a defence spending review since 1998, long before September 11th, 7/7 bombings and two wars on two fronts later?

In the last week 15 soldiers have died in action in order to protect what is Britain and yet this government is still arrogant enough to say that the situation is fine in Afghanistan and that ‘real progress’ is being made, but at what price Gordon?

For once I would like Gordon Brown and many of his chums to be put into the battlefield with poor or not enough equipment and have people shooting at them, see people being hit by roadside bombs and show them what it is not to have what is needed out there, bullets, armour and above all (no pun intended) helicopters.

On another note I also feel that our European and NATO counterparts need to pull their finger out more. There are 41 countries in Afghanistan and yet it is the British then the Americans pulling the weight. In a European sense this does not shout Union to me and it is one of the aspects which keeps my scepticism of the idea of Europe at bay.

In conclusion I see its very simple, don’t commit unless you can afford it, if you do commit, commit with your full heart and strength, bankers don’t need bailing out, our troops need bailing out of the hole that Labour has dug them. I hope Labour sleep well tonight.

Mark Harrop



One thought on “Take Aim…FIRE! Sorry Sir I cant, I don’t have any bullets…shall we borrow some rejects?

  1. Speaking of commitments, will George Osborne match labour’s commitment to exempt defence from spending cuts, or has he stitched up Liam Fox with a bit of tough talk?

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