Prospective MEPs visit campus

BUCF meet prospective MEPs

BUCF meet prospective MEPs

Yesterday, BUCF had the pleasure of welcoming to the university; Anthea McIntyre and Daniel Dalton, prospective Conservative candidates for the European Parliament, on the West Midlands list for June 4th. It was a graciously informal gathering at the University of Birmingham’s Guild, in rare but much appreciated sunshine.

Both candidates opened themselves up to questions from any students, of any political persuasion, interested in learning more about the European elections, the Conservative European position, and the personal objectives of both Dan and Anthea, were they to be elected. From the outset, it is hard to deny that their open and direct answers to a pretty intense stream of questioning were convincing, humble and above all, honest.

However what was most impressive was the wide range of knowledge and expertise that the candidates exhibited. Ranging from a perceptive understanding of the troubles facing small businesses and farmers in the region to thoughtful ideas about how to combat youth violence and anti-social behaviour, both candidates were well briefed. It was a brilliant day, with a strong turnout, and BUCF are grateful to both Dan and Anthea for making the time to visit us. Hopefully, both will be elected to the European Parliament on the 4th of June, and with the reception that they received from all who listened yesterday, it is hard to imagine a different result.

Daniel Cole


9 thoughts on “Prospective MEPs visit campus

  1. I don’t wish to sound churlish, as you all obviously think a lot of these people, but I shall be voting UKIP for MEPs and Conservative for local elections on the 4th June.

    Cameron has simply not done enough over Europe for him to get my vote.

  2. You are right I know most of us think very highly of the Conservative candidates for the European Parliament. And you don’t sound churlish, you’re welcome to vote for who ever you feel represents you.

    However, on the point made about Cameron having “not done enough over Europe for him to get” your vote; I think that it is important to recognise that all three parties have had to face up to the scandals of ‘Expenses-Gate’ during the last few weeks, a moment in parliamentary politics that could make or break our system of government, and this has unfortunately detracted somewhat from a focus on Europe. That said, Cameron has shown superb leadership and command over the issue.

    And moreover, as is the quality of the Conservative Party the greater membership has picked up the European gauntlet and run. In the West Midlands at least, the Conservatives are putting all their energy into raising awareness about the European vote, highlighting our position on everything from small business regulation to freedom of speech legislation with gusto.

    Thus I would disagree with your reasons for voting for the United Kingdom Independence Party, whose European Members are unfortunately well known for their corruption, and whose very existence in the European Parliament raises issues of hypocrisy. That said, it is your choice on the 4th, and my biggest argument would be, just make sure you vote.

  3. “Hopefully, both will be elected to the European Parliament on the 4th of June, and with the reception that they received from all who listened yesterday, it is hard to imagine a different result.”

    As an aside, I’m a West Midlands voter (Stoke-on-Trent to be exact) and the only literature I’ve receieved is from the Labour Party, and that was addressed to my fiance and not me! I couldn’t even name who was standing in my area let alone what they stood for.

    So if they are to be elected, they have 3 days to get out there and tell people what they stand for, because it’s no use telling a small group of people but not the wider electorate.

    Although in saying that the Tories seem to have given up on Stoke.

  4. I’m not trying to turn attention away from the potential of a calamity for the Labour party but the Tories will probably do worse than William Hague did in 1999. This isn’t a criticism of the Tory leadership but a suggestion that perhaps an anti-EU stance has very different effects in general versus european elections.

  5. Thanks guys for putting on this event – certainly helped me in my decision making.

    Hope Anthea gets that much needed 3rd seat.

  6. thank you for coming, was great to have non-conservatives to put them under pressure. Best way to bring out the truth.

  7. Seems the electorate didn’t agree as neither were elected, with only UKIP benefiting from the slump in Labour votes. Labour’s vote dropped in the area by 6.7% while the Conservative’s share of the vote only increased by 0.7%.

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