D-Day Approaches

No Im not talking about the shambolic D-Day commemorations that will be taking place in France on June 6th, Im talking about Gordon Brown’s D-Day: June 4th. It would be churlish of us to deny that the expenses scandal has been damaging for all political parties. It would also be wrong to claim that the Tories have been whiter than white and that it is ‘all Labours fault’. It isn’t and we, as much as they, need to learn lessons from it. My views on the scandal are well known, I believe this would never have happened had the damn system never been implemented in the first place and MP’s been given the pay hike that was suggested all those years ago.

That said I recognise that the Prime Minister in question, Lady Thatcher, was attempting to be sensitive to public opinion and recognised that the pay hikes suggested by an independent comission would not sit well with the public grappling with economic recession. Today however is a very different story and the implications of the scandal for Labour are far greater than the Tories. David Cameron has shown real leadership over the expenses scandal, even donating his European Party Election Broadcast to discuss the issue and tell people the actions he has taken. Not words. Action. That is what makes a leader. This has been rewarded in the polls which show that 62% believer Brown has been most damaged by the scandal compared to just 5% for Cameron.

A populus poll published by the Times today also suggests that 6 days from now, as Labour assess the bomb damage to the bunker in the wake of the European Elections, Gordon Brown’s government will be on life suport with his party preparing to pull the plug. According to the Populus poll Labour are in 3rd place at 16% behind the Tories 30% and UKIP’s 19%. Brown and New Labour as a whole have become nothing short of a national joke and not a funny one at that. As it stands a new poll published shows that in terms of the General Election Labour look likely to take a beating greater than that of the Tories in 1997.The party face complete wipeout with the Tories on 41% and Labour on 21% a full 20 points behind and Gordon Brown’s leadership will once again be called in to question.

Not in recent memory has a European election been so important or so relevant to national politics. This is the last one before a General Election has to be called, when he can’t contitutionally shake it off any longer. And this is the first electoral test following one of the biggest scandals to grip British politics since the early 1990’s. Most of all however once the damage has been done and Labour have lost their ‘Battle for Britain’ as they surely will, the party itself will have to debate whether they are willing to fight with Brown in the last ditch or whether or not they should lay hands on him and force him out in one last desperate attempt to secure a 4th term. All in all it should be an exciting few weeks in British politics.


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