A Right Royal Farce!

Word has reached my ears that the Queen has been snubbed by the French. It seems that President Sarkozy in his impish infinite wisdom has omitted to invite Her Majesty and the Duke of Edinburgh to next week’s D-Day commemorations. “Sacre bleu!” I hear you yell. I can assure you my response was the same. How on earth can it be justified not to invite the Head of State of nations that lost so many lives to liberate France? (I say nations – as one must remember the Queen is also head of state of nations such as Canada and Australia) Indeed the Queen and the Duke are the only serving leaders in the world who have any real recollection of the war and, particularly in Philips case, the only ones who saw active service! It is beyond a travesty that the Queen has not been invited and as usual the response from Downing Street has been flat and spineless, claiming they cannot determine who is on the guest list.

To add insult to injury the official line from Downing Street adds that the Prime Minister is delighted to be invited and hopes to attend. If I were the Prime Minister, I would snub the invitation in the same way they snubbed the Queen. You can’t choose who’s on the guest list – but you can choose to decline your invitation! This situation in my eyes has arisen due to Brown and Sarko’s sycophantic desire to be seen with ‘the Chosen One’, a.k.a. Barack Obama. They know that if the Queen and Obama are together nobody will give a frig about Brown, Sarkozy or any other world leader. At a time when both Brown and Sarkozy are taking a beating in the polls, snubbing a much loved and respected old lady will not do them any favours as much as their twisted logic might think it will.


2 thoughts on “A Right Royal Farce!

  1. It is pretty disgraceful. The French said that the Queen was welcome, but that the decision was left to Gordon Brown. Evidently, the Duke of Edinburgh, probably the only current statesman who fought in the war, and the Queen, who is still commander in Chief of the British armed forces, just can’t get in the way of Gordon’s “PR.”

  2. Pray, Sir, never to think that Sarko represents France. Did you know that Sarko forbid the local inhabitants of Normandy to exit their homes for two days as police patrolled the streets? Only UMP people could attend to this farce. Sarko is the President of the people who elected him. That is 51% of France. There are real Frenchmen, Frenchmen of Shite, and Shite of Frenchmen. Sarko is not Frenchman at all. I hope our country gets rid of him as soon as possible.

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