Poles taking our jobs?

BNP Stupidity

As per usual, the British National Party has shown their incompetence and hypocrisy. In an attempt to highlight their “patriotic” beliefs, the BNP used a picture of a Supermarine Spitfire, as the back-drop to many of their 2009 anti-immigration posters. How utterly useless they are not to have researched the topic somewhat: had they done so, the British Nationalist’s would have worked out that the Spitfire (pictured)was part of a Polish squadron, made up of exiled Poles from a Nazi occupied homeland. So much for their hate inducing slogan: “Britain for the British.” Moreover, the squadron in question, the RAF 303 Kosciuszko Polish Squadron, and other Polish aircraft, accounted for over 12% of Luftwaffe losses during the WW2. Many died defending Britain against a fascist onslaught: what hypocrisy on the part of the new fascists then who argue tooth and nail against European immigration to Britain, but use Polish bravery to support the argument?

Daniel Cole


11 thoughts on “Poles taking our jobs?

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  2. the poles are taking all the employment from rural areas of the UK, the fact that they had some decent pilots 60 years ago means i should just be happy not being able to find a job when there are over 100 eastern europeans in my town of 4000 people?

    germany opted out of mass immigration from recent entries to the EU, the UK on the other hand threw the doors open wide with promises of free accomodation (i grew up here and dont get that), family allowance for children who arent even in the country and if they stay here for 6 months they can shorten their hours to 16 per week and milk the family tax credit system.

    but all that doesnt matter, not when they could fly aeroplanes in the 1940s.

    • yeah they fought for you f’in freedom and look at you. We are paying dues that we owe them and never repayed.

    • The Poles working in Britain are ripped off and abused big time – by employers, by ‘landlords’ and ‘landladys’ stealing their security deposits , by numerous others. They are insulted at surgeries,at post offices,at especially English media where compulsively lying psychopaths carry on their hate propaganda against us with total impunity. I wish all my people left UK instantly; I wish we never had any relations whatsoever with you. Even the Germans are more human compared to you. If Poles were such a menace to your country and economy, your government would prohibit their entrance to UK. But it’s not the case, which is proof that the Poles are useful to UK, that is their horrific exploitation is useful to UK. Now I know quite a few British visit Poland – I really wouldn’t want you, and similar to you hateful psychopaths, to be among them. Kapish, scum? And now fuck off and die. :)

    • Re: “nazi scum” — Do you mean we Poles are “nazi scum”? If yes, can you prove we are “nazi scum”? If you can’t , wouldn’t it mean you’re a liar and slanderer – perhaps a “nazi scum” yourself? :)

  3. I am British and living in Germany. I don´t know what the Poles are like in Britain. I used to work with older Poles who stayed after the war and they were OK. Here it is different. What is resented is that Poles got a third of Germany after the war ended, killed many German civilians after 1945, got 25 million Deutschmarks assistance in the 1980s, came as illegal immigrants from that time and,after 1990, came into a country with 2 -3,000,000 unemployed and took what jobs (and university places) there were because they work dirt cheap and undercut German workers. The self-interested government lets all this happen because the Germans have been blackmailed into thinking they should be eternally guilty for things that happened 70 years ago! Polish politicians constantly spread hate against Germans and Poles are also disliked here because they are very arrogant and feel they are entitled to everything – because of this one-way grabbing process called the EEC or because of the Second World War or some other excuse for their own endless incompetence.

  4. hm Im reading your posts and Im really disappointed. Im working really hard in UK, this work english people doesn’t want to do. If they got the job they only nagging and leaving the job or are sucked. Im working really hard and I worked really hard in Poland. Now English can go to Poland and work there either, all Europe should be open and should be freedom of traveling not only for us but for everyone. I haven’t got family in England which one could help me here. I see others english or polish and they working hard too for they own family and I have respect for them. The problem in our times is only one – is to many people, how many people born – today ? the number is to high to even count. Nobody respect anyone in 2012 anymore bcs if we leave in Germany or in Poland or in England government doesn’t care so much about us they are only a group of people who want money to keep going their own families. Why you all going against each others we are nobody in this life, and we should fight together against government.
    In Poland I don’t need to pay Council tax but the leaving expenses (gas electricity) are very high. In England government got good benefits for people but if you work like me and not getting even one penny from government, you have to go to private doctor and he will treat you with respect and go to private dentist to get proper filling. Each country got good and bad sight. Im leaving so long in UK and I can only say I wish to come back to Poland where is my family bcs only your family care.
    This same is in UK your family care about you not government not your neighbour. I don’t want to wish to anyone bad things but maybe the war will sort here the problem in Europe. Less people, but more work to do. After that English people maybe will stay in their own country and I will have job in my own country. In the past, people had similar problems and after war no one was nagging and complain. Schools were for free to everyone and nursery schools were for free, now we have to pay for everything to private sector.
    Nobody want to give you nothing for free. It doesn’t matter if we leave here or somewhere else this problem is in all Europe. I hope only I will die before the war will start. Im saying this only bcs Im poor and I know that the rich people will buy their life but me or anyone else who got no saving no business and got no connections will be nothing worth to the winning team. God bless everyone in this hard time!

    • I don’t blame migrants for coming here and see nothing wrong in sensible immigration, the reality is our open door policy is sheer lunacy, the blame is with the government for letting it happen, it is a myth that native people won’t do certain jobs, I know many British people who work in menial jobs, mass immigration has lowered wages and had a largely negative effect on working conditions, this is the fault of employers who care only about themselves and the government are largely complicit, the solution? Leaving the EU would be a start.

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