BUCF Attend Dinner With Lord Trimble


Last night the great and the good of Conservative Birmingham and beyond gathered at the exquisite Botanical Gardens for the Edgbaston Gala Dinner with Lord David Trimble. The event marked the official committee handover from Dan O’Doherty to Sahar Rezazadeh and despite the exam period we were able to get a full table of BUCF’ers to mark the occasion. Lord Trimble spoke passionately about his experience of the troubles in Northern Ireland and how they were overcome. His words had special meaning given the current situation in regard to international terrorism. Following the speeches BUCF was able to pose for a photo with Lord Trimble and some of the main political leaders of Birmingham: (from left to right:) Cllr Dierdre Alden (PPC Edgbaston) Alex Yaffe (Blog Editor) Sophie Shrubsole (BUCF member) Helen Smyth (BUCF member) Vice President Dan Cole, Former President Dan O’Doherty, David Fazakerley (Former Chair of Edgbaston Assosciation) The Rt Hon Lord David Trimble, Joel Faulkner (BUCF member) President Sahar Rezazadeh, Max Genoni (BUCF member) Joseph Hollywood (Guild Liason Officer) Daniel Joplin (BUCF member) Cllr Mike Whitby (Leader of Birmingham City Council) Malcolm Harbour MEP.


One thought on “BUCF Attend Dinner With Lord Trimble

  1. A fantastic night which shows the momentum that local Conservatives have built up in the West Midlands. A well rounded evening and a great turnout, especially among BUCF members.

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