President Thatcher


Margaret Thatcher has recieved the extraordinary honour of being made President of the exclusive Carlton Club. Mrs Thatcher already made history as its first woman member in 1975, as all leaders of the Conservative Party are entitled to membership, however the membership was honorary as women could not then hold full membership of the exclusive club. Today however she was elected unopposed as its President a position not held since Tory legend Lord Stockton, Harold Macmillan, who held the position until his death in 1986. Mrs Thatcher wasn’t there in person to recieve the honour as she is in fragile health, however she will be attending a dinner at the club with David Cameron next month further showing the growing comfort between Tory high command and Lady T. Even in her 80’s it seems Mrs Thatcher is still a record breaker and if nothing else her lifetime and achievements should serve as an example for women that no barrier is to great to be broken. BUCF congratulates her on this extraordinary honour.


2 thoughts on “President Thatcher

  1. If I were here, I’d have refused the ‘honour’. It’s an outdated boys club and reresents the very face of the ‘Toff Tory’ stereotype.

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