Are young people disengaged from politics?

If there was an election tomorrow morning who would you vote for? A question I would love to ask many students at this University and many more across this country. I have always held that everyone should have some form of opinion when it comes to politics, whether you are involved in something like the BUCF, BULS or Lib Dems, a party activist or just the ‘Joe Bloggs’ student/young person. The quote of ‘I don’t really care, politics bores and doesn’t affect me’ I feel is the most immature and narrow minded response someone can say.
Let’s think about it, the computer you are looking at this on now will have been subject to UK and EU laws regarding health and safety, the money you paid for it, taxes will have been taken, those lovely clothes your wearing are imports which can be subject to tariffs. The University you attend and the debt you’re in, all of above are affected by Politics. So are young people disengaged from Politics? On a national level I fear yes, however I feel that a change is coming. We will soon get into general election fever where the young population actually will be able to make a difference.

The recent outrage of MP expenses, the economy, Student Top-up fees has sparked debate across all departments of study among young people which in my eyes will mean that young people will get an opinion and with the right tools and information will create a mood for those people to go out there, vote and make a real difference. The challenge now is to give these people the tools. Obviously I am Conservative and would never join another movement, however I feel that come election time all political parties and young people movements such as the BUCF and BULS will need to put aside any past problems and have a combined strategy in order to give all parties a platform in which to reach young people. I hope that come election time my job as Campaigns and Representation officer I will be able to work with all parties across this great university in order to create a real buzz about campus, get people informed, get people to get an opinion and go to the polling station and vote, only then will I feel that my job has been fulfilled. Why did I randomly write this blog, you tell me? It is a campaign I want to start now, get in there early, get the questions flying, after all equality of opportunity is a main Conservative trait isn’t it? Quite rightly so!


3 thoughts on “Are young people disengaged from politics?

  1. Be careful not to solely associate the problem with young people though… the media have a tendency of portraying us all as an ignorant, apathetic bunch of rogues as it is. Surely this is reflective of the public feeling towards politics generally? – it’s not like we have massive voter turnouts.

    Say what you want about Obama, he did get voters in… be interesting to explore how.

  2. Yes you make a valid point about the media but I have a feeling that this time around parties like labour and the tories will want to pull in young people to get the votes up, especially in marginal areas such as Edgbaston.

    Obama was a sweeping new change, sadly I dont feel that any political party in this country at the moment could do the same thing, also our system is very different to their, voter turn out was up alot but proportionetly it was low

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