Now THIS is a leader…


10 thoughts on “Now THIS is a leader…

  1. Yes very apt at the moment I thought, especially when contrasted with Labour’s effort.

    The decision not to include Brown at all in their broadcast is interesting, but oh my it was so negative and out of tune with the current political climate.

  2. Nothing to do with being a good leader, it’s all about petty points scoring. If all this hadn’t come out in the press, do you think he’d have come clean? Of course not. A load of patronising twaddle, just like the apology from every other MP.

    The only MP’s who can hold their heads high are those MP’s who don’t have their snout in the trough. If we just focus on Tory MP’s, Edward Timpson can hold his head high while Ann Winterton should be left to rot in the gutter.

    Phoney apologies from Brown and Cameron won’t mend the huge loss of trust that people have had with MP’s. What it will mean however is a huge rise in votes for the likes of the BNP. So they can stick their apologies where the sun doesn’t shine because the public don’t believe the apologies.

  3. My understanding is that they do not get some sort of ‘special access’ to the fees office by virtue of being party leaders that lets them check up on what other members of the party claim, and not being in government he wasn’t in a position to reform the system. He’s seized the opportunity presented by the revelations to enforce a cleaner, transparent, system on Conservative MP’s.

    What makes you so certain that his apology isn’t sincere? because you don;t like him? Because you assume that Conservatives share the corrupt attitude so prevalent in Labour?

    As for petty point scoring, he apologises for the Conservatives ! He doesn’t even mention or critisise the retched impersonation of a government Brown is currently heading.

    Unlike labour who offered nothing positive or forward looking Cameron stands there and tells the public exactly what he is doing, and his feelings toward the issue of the day !

    Cameron did the best he can under the circumstances, and far better than Labour.

    BTW if BNP gain seats it will almost certainly be in the Labour heartlands, not Tory or Lib Dem ones, make of that what you will.

    Oh look a new BPIX poll is out (fieldwork done by yougov) putting Labour on 20% and Conservatives on 42%.

    If things don’t swing around soon the only thing stooping labour becoming the 3rd party will be its beneficial distribution of votes through FPTP.

  4. Oh just to add comres has released a poll, v. bad for conservatives, we’re only on 40% to Labours 21%….

  5. Sorry Richard but that’s a load of nonsense. I fail to believe that the party leaders didn’t know this was going on before. They must have their heads buried in the sand.

    As for your claim about the fact Cameron is taking action, he’s done nothing different to Labour who have suspended two MP’s while a cabinet minister has been forced to step down.

    A better indication of what Cameron does was when it emerged long before this recent spout of leaks was when Nick and Ann Winterton got in trouble for claiming money that they shouldn’t have. They were claiming rent on a flat they’d already paid for. Their punishment? Nothing.

    The fact remains Cameron’s speech was nothing more than a cheap attempt at points scoring, trying to make himself look like he’s in touch with the public. Well he isn’t. Public trust is being eroded by all MP’s and it seems you have your head in the sand.

    The BNP could be making gains in places like Essex. Last time I checked that wasn’t Labour heartland. In addition, if BNP are making gains in Labour areas instead of the Tories, then it shows the Tories aren’t an effective opposition.

  6. The Tories are going to win the next election, you can put money on it, but you are right we have yet to fully win the publics trust. Once in government however I believe we will really see what Cameron is made of. Up until then people are willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

  7. Well if it was point scoring, it was scoring points for the conservatives by doing the right thing under the circumstances. I don’t see what is so cheap about it, its surely a good thing?

    As part of the Comres Poll they asked who had responded better to the expenses revelations, a majority (around 2/3 said Cameron), including over half of those who voted Labour in 2005.

    That politics as a whole has been damaged is of course true, that Cameron has unilaterally solved the problem is not true.

    That Cameron is responding to this in a far more decisive and cogent fashion than Brown – I would argue most definitely true.

    Brown is now playing catch-up, but his initial reaction seemed way of the mark.

    What did Cameron know before the revelations? Well I agree he must have known that people were claiming expenses generally and probably that the system was in general terms open to abuse, but I doubt very much he knew who was claiming for what or on what basis just as I doubt Gordon Brown did.

    He could have proposed reforming the system earlier and yes he and every other politician since its introduction can share some of the blame for that.

    As for the BNP maybe the reason the Tories are not winning the seats against Labour is because the electorate remain fundamentally left wing, and want to vote for a party that they feel represents left wing ideals. Honestly who can fathom the mind of such people anyway.

    Either way past mistakes aside I welcome Cameron’s desire to show a lead on this, and hopefully the sooner he is able to form a government the sooner the issue will be resolved.

  8. I think this is reflective of a wider trend endemic in society. The loss of morality characterised (in this case) by a blatent lack of responsibility and judgement in knowing what is an acceptable level to claim for. How many people do we know like this? I have to say it seems to me as if the Conservative party as a whole is alot more responsible, and therefore fitter to govern than their Labour counterparts, especially after David Cameron’s devisive action over the expenses scandal.

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  10. Someone I spoke to today summed this all up perfectly when he said “The Tories are just as sleaze ridden as Labour, they just hide it better”.

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