End the Gutter Politics

Many of you will be aware that former BULS Chair Tom Guise posted a factually inaccurate and unbelievably childish post on the BULS website which contained unjust abuse directed at BUCF and its members. Having discussed with the committee elect and my own former committee we have decided that we will refrain from responding in kind. Thus we will not waste our time picking apart the inaccuracies and highlighting the contradictions within Mr Guises post, we’ll leave you to do that yourself. Our attitude is if Labour want to play politics in the gutter, let them. This is increasingly the difference between Labour and the Conservatives today. We are looking to the future, they are stuck in the past. People are sick and tired of the bitching and backbiting that occurs between the two major parties and its about time we didn’t sink to their level. The public are not fools. They can see quite clearly what Labour have done to this country and its faith in politics. We need to focus on the future and leave them and their dirty politics in the past. So our official response to Chairman Guise’s post is: we respectfully disagree.


8 thoughts on “End the Gutter Politics

  1. God I hate student blogs.

    BULS is stuck in the past because it remembers helping you out a couple of months ago? You have been utterly downright horrible to some of the new BULS committee over this matter and made a mockery of their hard work and called them liars. Sahar, you should be utterly ashamed of yourself, did you not realise the only reason you are in the Guild still is because of BULS or the hard work their chair did to keep you in, at great risk to his own reputation and relations with his own club? By allowing and endorsing this and the original blog you have destroyed all bridges built between the two societies.

    I hear you were slapped down at Guild Council last night and rightly so. How dare you insinuate the new committee lied about the reason for a closed event? I am glad I will probably never meet you. If you dare be all pally with the BULS committee when you actually meet them face to face I will know you are two faced and lily livered without the balls to slag someone off without the safety of a keyboard and a screen before you. Pathetic, ill informed and two faced the lot of you.

  2. Unless you state who you are your comment will be posted to the spam folder where it belongs. We are all for free speech but not faceless free speech. Besides I think you need to get your facts straight. What do you know about BULS’ assistance in regard to BUCF’s derecognition? NOTHING. And anything you do know will be one sided because you certainly haven’t asked for our side. There were bugger all Labour members at GC that night, I hear they struggle to get members anyway, and our majority was near enough 70%, even if they hadnt supported us it wouldnt have been enough to make us lose the vote. In addition were you aware that the problems were over running? and that the newly elected committee had to go to another derecognition procedure? Was Labour their to support us in that? NO. Also you talk of Sahar and BUCF hiding behind their keyboards? This coming from a prat who prefers to name themselves ‘notable objector’ rather than say who they really are. Grow up and get your facts straight.

  3. I personally think that the BULS’ true nature has come out since I opened this can of worms. Firstly the BUCF did not get slapped down by the Guild at Guild Council, it was my question spoken by Joe Hollywood and if you can be bothered to look into guild policy we were well within our rights to ask that question, its the SABS such as the VPSAD who can not comment on such matters and rightly so and for Tom Guise to take a cheap shot and say Guild Council is not for holding other socs to account is childish coming from a sab-elect.
    Secondly of all Sahar is a very decent person and I will back her to the bitter end.
    Thirdly if I was to be question by whoever you are I will not be two faced I will clearly say to your face exactly what I feel in a professional manner, you may be a nice person in real life I do not doubt that but when it comes to politics I will not be all nicey nicey and ive said this in my blog. My name is Mark Ian Harrop, I hope you come find me one day so you can eat your words and for the record, get your facts straight and act a little more professionally in the future if you want to be taken seriously.

  4. “I am glad I will probably never meet you. If you dare be all pally with the BULS committee when you actually meet them face to face I will know you are two faced…” – Notable Objector

    See what I mean? Gutter politics!

  5. Just catching up… how strange, I’ve clicked on the link above to the original BULS post only to be greeted with a ‘page not found.’

  6. If you want to read a reader’s feedback :) , I rate this post for four from five. Detailed info, but I just have to go to that damn google to find the missed bits. Thank you, anyway!
    p.s. Year One is already on the Internet and you can watch it for free.

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