The Sassy Vision

BUCF has grown so much in the past year and has become as The Young Conservative described it ‘one of CF’s brightest stars’. This has not least been due to my dashing predecessors hard work and commitment. I can assure you that my engagement with BUCF was, for the most part, thanks to Mr O’Doherty’s ‘outgoing’ policy. What is more, Britain has not needed Conservatism as much as it needs it today! This country is suffering at the hands of a government that has lost touch and knows little about the needs of the individuals that make this nation. So on both of these notes, I feel honoured to be given the role of leading a society that has the potential of making concrete impact at student level, locally and even nationally!

So what do I have planned for BUCF? My vision rests on 3 key objectives:

1) To engage members because you are the most important aspect of the society. Without you, the society will have lost its purpose. 

2) To make a positive impact locally (so by supporting our candidates and the local conservatives), as well as at student level (to promote conservative principles on campus). Again, membership engagement is crucial to this objective. 

3) Ultimately, all of this will raise the profile of BUCF further.

I would like to give my thanks to all those who have been supportive, enthusiastic and eager about my leading this society. I look forward to working with all of you and I can assure you that the committee, and I, will do our utmost to fulfill our aims!

To the future

...and the plotting begins!


5 thoughts on “The Sassy Vision

  1. Congratulations on the appointment Sahar – I’ve got no doubt that you’ll do a brilliant job! As someone said on Facebook: ‘members of other parties will sleep less easily with you on the job’.

    Here’s to another productive year for BUCF!

  2. BUCF, as a non-University of Birmingham student, has been my real link with the Conservative Party at a local level over the last year. You’ve put on some fantastic events, from networking, to activism, to training for which I’m grateful for.

    Based on your vision, it looks like even this is going to be topped, and already I see you’re ensuring you’re getting people involved with the launch of the local campaigns.

    Look forward to the upcoming year!

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