Poll Update


> The Tories are on 45% which would give us over 220 seats, 200 of them Labour

> This is the lowest score for any major political party

> Labour are only 5 points ahead of the liberals

> Michael Foot even managed 23.5% !



9 thoughts on “Poll Update

  1. That’s an interesting scale. Although it feels like it, I’m sure Brown’s Premiership hasn’t lasted 5 years.

  2. where’s this poll from? i’m not questioning its existence. but i did see a yougov poll today that put us at 27. not that that’s amazing! it’s what some like to call a nose-dive praguetory. i fear it may get even lower, and if that was the result of the general election, it would be truly heartbreaking.

  3. Mr Guise,
    You may not realise the depth of disgust there is in the country at the ‘antics’ of the Labour party, and in particular those in Parliament. I don’t doubt that there are some people who are associated with Labour that have some integrity – but frankly, how many of them are left?

    I admit it – I voted for Labour in ’97. I was taken in by the ‘new’ and thought that maybe the ‘third way’ had merit, but my god have my eyes been opened. The entire Labour ideology has been shown to be bankrupt and corrupt.

    You may think that Labour are looking at a generation out of office. I think it’s worse, much worse, I think Labour are on the verge of being annihilated and becoming a political non-entity. And you will only have yourselves to blame.

    Lest Tories get too excited, I believe most people are going to vote Conservative simply to get rid of Labour – but if there were an opposition worthy of the name, the poll numbers would be unbelievable.

  4. Tom Guise,

    Its a BPIX poll, fieldwork also carried out by yougov. I suspect Labour will rally somewhat at the election – at levels in the mid – to – low 20’s we would be seeing the annihilation of your party. When you get that low it’s core labour supporters who are abandoning the party and they should be recoverable for you unless you alienate them so much they choose not to vote. Hopefully they won’t be switching to the BNP which is a real concern in some areas as it’s ‘others’ rather than the conservatives who seem to be the main beneficiaries of Labours further decline.

  5. “I suspect Labour will rally somewhat at the election – at levels in the mid – to – low 20’s we would be seeing the annihilation of your party”

    Right there. That’s the target.

  6. Pipe under the tennis court anyone? All MP’s are milking the system and to try and blame one party is ridiculous.

    If you speak to people with no party allegance they say that Tories and Labour are bad as each other and the Lib Dems are anonymous.

    The fact is that the UK population have lost faith with people of all parties and not just Labour. They see politicians as corrupt. However, Brown and Cameron don’t have the balls to change things because they’re too busy with petty points scoring.

    I can guarantee that voter levels will be lower than for a long time next month, such is the disgust that people have towards those in power. In Stoke I think it’s a dead cert for the BNP to get an MEP.

  7. Mark, I don’t excuse MP’s from any party but my honest view is things seem to be worse for labour. I would happily see the back of some of the Conservative MP’s exposed.

    The ‘they’re all at it’ attitude may be prevalent, but Gordon Brown or labour certainly won’t be the ones to fix the situation. Hopefully Cameron can restore some faith in politics, I believe he certainly deserves the chance to try,

    Labour ‘whiter than white’ wasn’t that Tony Blairs promise?

  8. MPs milk the system (that they created – nice work if you can get it), so the parties are in same way equivalent? I don’t think so.

    Say what you like about the Tories, at least they give the impression of caring about the country. So many core Labour voters have been abandoned by this elitist government, from the smoking ban to the 10p fiasco to uncontrolled immigration, that it surprises me that Labour can poll 23%

    Make no mistake, if the Tories would ‘man-up’ and start being a party of opposition with real policies (try ‘The Plan’ by Hannan for starters), then Labour would be looking at utter annihilation. About time – there’s simply no place for the elitist (do as I say, not as I do), divisive (Harman and ‘equality’), class-war (Crewe and Tory ‘toffs’), hackneyed, collectivist politics of NuLabour in todays society.

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