Ayyo Gurkhali!


Yesterday Gordon Browns government was dealt a shocking, but just, defeat over their proposals for the Gurkha’s wishing to settle in the UK. The delight on the faces of everyone (bar Labour MP’s) after the motion passed was obvious. Afterward David Cameron joined campaigner Joanna Lumley and Nick Clegg outside Parliament to celebrate the vote in the House which, for a time at least, has restored some faith in the honour of the Commons. I congratulate the Lib Dems for tabling the motion, Cameron and the Conservatives for their support of it and those brave Labour MP’s who stood firm in the face of their governments threats and coercion. This was an issue that should have brought the nation together in condemnation of our governments brutal betrayal of those who have fought and died for us and for the most part it did. However I personally find it shameful that such a large majority of Labour MP’s still voted with their government when it is quite obvious to everyone else how much of a disgrace this government is. Some people clearly have no conscience.


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