New Labour: The Shame of a Nation

After 4 months the government has finally issued the new rules of eligibility for Gurkha veterans to live in the UK. However todays announcement by the government is nothing more than a brutal betrayal of those brave soldiers who have fought and died for Britain. The Home Office has come up with yet more massaged figures to suggest that the new rules would let a further 4,300 Gurkhas settle in Britain however the Gurkha Justice Campaign has insisted the number is not even 100. Who are we to believe? The most dishonest and decietful government in our history that has squandered our future and pillaged our pensions or a group whose sole intention is to see that those who have fought and died for this country are allowed to remain in it. There have been many wise words on the situation today ranging from famed actresses, to ordinary people on the streets, to solicitors, but the message from all was clear: This government should hang their head in shame so low that their forehead should touch their boots. This is a disgrace and a betrayal of our armed forces and our veterans.


3 thoughts on “New Labour: The Shame of a Nation

  1. I would agree that we should do more to help Gurkhas. The percentage of Ghurkas who may reside in the UK has risen dramatically since 1997 but is still not high enough.

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