Britain Can’t Afford Another 5 Years Of Labour

CF Members across the country descended on their local train stations following the ‘budget’ to ram the message home that Britain can’t afford another 5 years of Labour. Conservative Future have put the campaign photos from across the country on their facebook group and unsuprisingly BUCF comes top of the list ;)


12 thoughts on “Britain Can’t Afford Another 5 Years Of Labour

  1. Ironic you chose a train station when the rail network has suffered badly since privitisation under the last Tory government!

  2. i agree with mark.

    but tell me what the thought behind this strategy was please. Surely with 5 members (maybe 6 if we include a cameraperson) you could’ve covered a good chunk of a ward with some leaflets. Just seems really silly standing outside a station with leaflets that not many people would have noticed/took and t-shirts not many people would have read.

    If this is the campaigning calibre of CF across the country I am not worried at all, I say call the election now!!

  3. i didn’t believe it was true until dan cowdrill said it…now what should i do?

    Jack, it’s ok I live in Selly Oak!!

  4. Loving the way that Labour contributors are arguing about our campaigning tactics. Train station campaigns are a very effective way of getting a message across to lots of people. When I was living in Chiswick in 2006 we used this tactic and got rid of a Labour council for the first time in over 30 years.

    I agree with Tom re calling an election now.

  5. Praguetory, I agree with you it’s an amazing tactic…I think it should be the only part of your election strategy. Labour have no response for it. Keep doing it, infact that’s all you should do between now and the election.

    I am terrified.


  6. At least you get Tories canvessing to debate with! Living in Stoke I don’t think I’ve ever seen one! Nor a Lib Dem. In fact, I think I live in BNP territory!

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