God Save the Queen

BUCF Joins the nation in wishing Her Majesty the Queen a Happy 83rd Birthday with the hope of many more to come


4 thoughts on “God Save the Queen

  1. what time was she born? Let’s all stand up and sing the national anthem.

    It’s my birthday coming up next week, can I get a special post about me? Just a photo and a happy birthday. I know I’ve got tainted blood and all, as well as a dangerous accomodation for republicanism that could shatter the nation-state as we know it, but can you over-look those things??

  2. haha Only if you put up a special birthday mention to Her Majesty on BULS :) If you can put your republicanism aside to celebrate the birthday of a devoted Head of State who has conducted herself with nothing but grace and dignity for 57 years then maybe we can put our Toryism aside for you :P

  3. Tom lets just thank God that we won’t get a huge post on here about someone’s birthday until October. ; ) (Though it’s not inevitable)

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