Hollie Jones: A Response

I was going to resist saying anything about ‘smeargate’ everyones had their two penneth. However, this post from Hollie Jones (who is a good friend of mine and who I genuinely old in high esteem within the Labour Party).However as a member of BULS and Vice President of the Guild for Welfare (Yes Welfare, ‘smeargate’ revolved around spreading viscous rumours about peoples welfare) I just simply could not resist ‘fisking’ it. Hollie fundamentally misunderstands where and why the Labour Party is failing on the internet . . .

My response to the BBC News twitterfeed was less than polite this afternoon- BORING! Can we hear something new please? Do you mean boring or embarrassing?

But my real issue is the way we have handled the issue as a Party. The focus should be on the PM not ‘the party’. McBride was employed by the taxpayer.

 Collectivism, an ideal that supposedly forms the foundation of our politics is in severe question, with Labour loyalty nowhere to be seen. I am sorry, what do you imply by this? McBride should have stayed. Or the fact that former Cabinet Ministers should be gagged and not allowed to speak out. I really hope it is the second.

 Our strength lies behind the vacuous Tory Party manifesto, which provides no basis or legitimacy to attack Labour policy. YAWNNN. If our policies are so weak why do you steal them?

 “Smeargate” has given the Conservatives a much sought after gift- grounds on which to lawfully critique our Party. Incorrect. We barely mentioned it until Monday.

Well if “smeargate” was a gift then the Tories must think that Christmas has come early! Yes I am sure George Osborne’s face looked like a kid at Christmas when he heard the government were trying to spread lies about his wifes mental stability.

Party members proudly jumping at the opportunity to say their piece. So all party members should be gagged as well!!! This is exactly why you will not succeed on the internet. The beauty of the internet is that it can allow a medium for an expression of diverse opinions you need to open up and stop trying to be so controlling of your members and the whole party.

Feeding the monster that is the media and playing into the hands of our opponents, ensuring that one foolish mistake is worthy of the front page day after day after day. No this was not as a result of party members or Cabinet Ministers it was because your Prime Minister would not say’sorry’ for hiring someone to spread viscous personal rumours about the MPs families.

Well today is day 5- and I have had enough! Let’s hope there are not anymore revelations out there . . .

With the general election looming, and the European elections on our doorsteps now is not the time for naval gazing and petty infighting is not an option. We need to build a bridge and get over it, stand shoulder to shoulder once again and only by doing this will we secure a historic fourth term. Very Obamaesque . . . however, it is going to need a lot more that party discipline to get you anywhere near a fourth term.

Hollie, I think you do not understand the severity of what has happened. Imagine if in Guild elections, an opposition member set out to spread viscous personal lies about other candidates health. Shocking no? And imagine then if they decided to do this to their families as well? Terrible.

It seems ridiculous doesn’t it!? And yet it has happened at the very top of the government!!

Finally, if you think that you just require party discipline you are living in a dream world. Yes that is important but the party needs something (or someone) to unite behind. You have nothing and I just dont think you understand the anger at the government.

Take students for example, you have brought in top up fees and now left the average student crippling under the weight of £20’000 odd worth of debt and the worst graduate prospects since the World War Two. And if we ever get rid of that debt the chance of getting on the housing ladder before 30 is almost zero.  Why would an average student consider voting Labour based on what your government has done??

Jimmy McLoughlin is the Regional Co-ordinater for the West Midlands.


3 thoughts on “Hollie Jones: A Response

  1. I think a few points that need to be accepted in regard to this issue are, firstly, while this childish plot to spread rumours is clearly damaging to Labour I think it’s ironic that the Tories are attempting to drag it on in the media in order to remove the focus away from more important issues such as the economy, health, education etc. This is part and parcel of the spin game that McBride perpetuated and it’s clear that people (non-political party members this is) are getting sick of hearing politicians whine on about this issue, especially in a recession when the use of an effective and relevant opposition critique is crucial to the greater well being of the country. I believe this was part of what Hollie was getting at in feeling that the Labour Party should unite and be arguing on issues such as how an adequate fiscal stimulus package would not have emerged under a tory government or that the policies that contributed to the recession were largely those ideologically tory policies, such as a lack of adequate financial regulation, and also how Cameron would not have been able to ensure the level of agreement that was reached at G20.

    And in terms of students voting Labour, the reason that many people are now studying at University is because Labour have opened up access that had been denied to all but an elite previously. University needed extra funding to help cope with the new intake, students need to accept part of the responsibility for this and therefore if they can afford it should help pay toward their degree which will still see them earning, on average, upward of 13k more than somebody without a degree and this is taking into account the payment of any student debts. The fact that the new system means you only have to pay-off the debt once you are earning enough is another improvement upon the old up-front defunct payment scheme. Anyway perhaps this debate is for another post.

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