The New BUCF web-site!




This week BUCF launches its new all-singing, all-dancing interactive web-site. The above photo was taken at the official launch earlier this week. BUCF supremo Dan O.D was strapped to the rocket.

Just some of the features on the new site include an interactive page with direct links to the BUCF Facebook page, Twitter account and live blog. There is also a membership application page, and featured Birmingham attractions. 

Of course, the site will be perfected over the next few weeks. Do comment with any suggestions, likes and dislikes.



4 thoughts on “The New BUCF web-site!

  1. Fantastic new website Dan. Thank you for taking the time and effort to construct it!

    As for suggestions and ideas, well I will have loads and if I do win the Presidency I will continue to work on improving it and perfecting it. Can I ask whether it’s possible that we have the google ads removed, as well the terapad ad at the top the page?

    Again, great work Dan!

  2. Sahar, I know the answer to your first question. Yes, it is possible to remove the Google adds but costs from $14 per month.

  3. Sahar – Thank you darling lol. Tbh it didnt take long at all. I just felt the society should be more than the blog. As for the adds Dan is right they can be removed for the fee I discussed with you the other night. It’ll be obvously up to the next committee to determine whether to pay said fee. I didn’t want to committ the next committee to anything so didnt upgrade the website.

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