Memories of 1979



10 thoughts on “Memories of 1979

  1. I’ve always seen the original poster as a great exaple of political irony when one considers what happened.

  2. Yesterday, Parliament debated a motion put forward by the tories on the economy. Unemployment/redundancy was not mentioned once in their motion. The tories do not care about unemployment, they simply do not care about an economic system failing working people. It is simply not within their being to do so.

    This poster is a complete charade designed to fool people into thinking that the tories actually give a damn.

  3. No its a reminder of just how much Labour have cocked up. Do you think people will give two hoots about Labours ;good intentions’ when 3 million people+ are unemployed within the year as projectors forecast? Labour are dead in the water.

  4. It’s actually an example of how the Tories do one thing but say another. You can attack the Govt. on unemployment, you’re absolutely right to do so, but yet your party didn’t even want to debate it when they had the opportunity to set the agenda in the house of commons.

    The opposition day motion has not one mention of it, ridiculous! It was left up to the government to bring it up. How on earth is that effective opposition? Weak weak weak!

  5. Why give Labour the opportunity to throw the old ‘oh it was 3 million under the Tories’ line out… we understand our record on this issue is controversial so we’re biding our time until you pass the record we set some time in the next year(incidently our record unemployment was a result of a massive, much needed and long overdue overhaul of the economy to make us competitive again whereas Labours record will be down to sheer incompetence) As soon as you do ‘break our record’ then don’t you fret we’ll hit you properly on it.

  6. “(incidently our record unemployment was a result of a massive, much needed and long overdue overhaul of the economy to make us competitive again”

    Even if that explained the recession of the early 1980s (which it doesn’t), then what about mass unemployment in the early 1990s?

  7. Tom the motion you refer to didn’t mention unemployment, but George Osborne’s very next sentence did.

    The reason the motion didn’t mention unemployment was because it was specifically critiquing the governments failures in response to the economic situation. Notably their tardiness in providing promised support and the impact of the VAT cut on national debt.

    It wasn’t just some motion ‘on the economy’, it was discussing what the tories perceive as the governments failings in dealing with the problem. Addressing these failings is key to solving the resultant unemployment surely?

    If scheduling motions / debates on a subject is the indicator of how much a party cares about something then why as of last Wednesday had their been no debate on government time on the economy since last december?

    And our very own Chancellor didn’t even turn up to the debate to defend his record.

    I guess its easier for you to ascribe to ‘the tories’ an inherent malign intent than accept the Labour have just messed up as ever?

  8. The The Conservatives came to power in 1979 with the slogan Labour isn’t working. When Callaghan left office unemployment was only 1.1 million the is 4.5%. When the tories came to power unemployment rose from 4.5% to 13% with over 3 million people unemployed. When the tories left office unemployment was 6% and falling after massaging the figures 32 times. The tories were bragging about what a wonderful job they had done forgetting that unemployment was higher when they left office than it was when they came in.

  9. AFTER 18 YEARS OF CONSERVATIVE GOVERNMENT. The Conservatives left office with unemployment higher than when they came in in 1979. That is an historical fact.

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