President’s Thoughts on the Guild Elections…


As many of you will be aware BUCF’s relations with the Guild have never been easy. Weve had our ups and downs (mainly downs!) but in the last year there has been a real effort on both parts to find some form of common ground. However there remains a great many difficulties and political/ideological divisions which I can’t see being entirely overcome anytime soon. Having said this may I on behalf of the committee and I’m sure all members of BUCF, congratulate the newly elected Guild Executive following the results of the Guild Elections which were announced over the weekend. Any elected official is all too aware of the burden of responsibility placed upon them, responsibility not neccessarily to themselves but to those who elected them. They have all recieved a valuable vote of confidence from the student body and I’m sure that this will not be something they undertake lightly.

In that light it would be remiss of me not to acknowledge the success of the BULS contingent in these elections who conducted their campaigns professionally and with great enthusiasm. I congratulate all the BULS candidates and sincerely hope that they use their new roles to positive effect. However I particularly want to congratulate the incoming President Fabian Neuner and VP Housing and Community Ed Sparkes whom I know many members of BUCF will be farmiliar with. Although there remains certain political differences between us I know first hand that both Fabian and Ed are decent, approachable guys and both understand that their official role requires a degree of impartiality. Their election (amongst others) in particular gives me great hope for the future relations between BUCF and the Guild and Guild politics in general.

I would also like to pay tribute to all those who stood in the elections who were unsuccessful in their efforts. Its an old cliche but elections such as this really aren’t just about the winning, indeed it is the taking part that is of paramount importance. In this day and age it is becoming increasingly rare to see young, passionate, aspiring politicians and I was truly impressed to see the competence, committment and skill of certain ‘unsuccesful’ campaigns particularly BUCF’s Timm Smith. I know first hand how much effort Timm and his team put in to the ‘Tim’ll fix it’ campaign and the sheer closeness of the actual result (less than 50 votes!) was testament to his and his teams dedication and enthusiasm in which they should take great pride.

I have every faith that the new Guild Executive and the current and incoming BUCF committee (to be elected in May) will be able to find even greater common ground in the coming months. I know from personal dealings with certain members of the new Guild Executive that there is a real hunger for change in the Guild corridors and the BUCF committee, both present and future, will be more than willing to support any and all members of the new Guild Executive in bringing about the change that Guild politics sorely needs. So finally on behalf of everyone at BUCF congratulations to all who stood in these elections, we wish you the best of luck…. oh… and… WE’LL BE WATCHING YOU ;)


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