If you think our Guild is bad, have a look at Nottingham

Guild Elections kick off once again today as another bunch of student hopefuls look to try and getting elected to a sabbatical or non sabbatical position.

Que my media lecture this morning, ‘oh none of them make a bloody difference anyway’ says an individual who had just given a presentation arguing that people should take more interest in voting (!) (This follows such wonderful claims in this lecture in previous weeks that ‘there are no left-wing newspapers in Britain’ and ‘we should live in a communist state as this would provide free speech instead of Murdoch dictating it all. One word-worrying)

I digress, for what it’s worth the Guild try to do a lot of good and like politicians most of them are in it for the right reasons. The problem is they have an horrific perception problem, no-one thinks they care and are just in it for themselves. This is the same at almost every Guild/Union in the country.

Nottingham University SU President exmeplifies this problem, Mr. Edung has taken the biscuit this time. He went to China to establish ‘cultural ties’. However, he has written on a friends facebook wall and said he is having, “totally inappropriate time”.

There we are as mere students, facing the highest debts in history for graduates combined with the worst graduate job prospects since the second world war, and Mr. Edung is taking this matter on by aiming to “check out some house parties, ruin diplomatic relations and spend a night in a Chinese cell.” 

I am sure no-one at Birmingham would ever participate in such activities.

ToryBear has the full details.



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