BUCF Meet George Osborne


Today BUCF had the pleasure of attending an event with Shadow Chancellor George Osborne at a prestigious central Birmingham location. George was addressing business leaders and members of the Chamber of Commerce in a speech outlining what they could expect from a Conservative government. It was wonderful to see such a smashing turnout from members of BUCF which totalled well over 20. We also had the pleasure of meeting 2 members from Leicester University CF who came along to show their support. As always with events of this magnitude (which is becoming rather regular with BUCF!) it was very hard to muster everyone for the photo but we did manage to get a few members in a photo with the Sahdow Chancellor. All in all it was a smashing event which recieved rave reviews from all who attended… apart from the poor President who had to duck out 10 minutes in to the speech with a bad case of food poisioning!

For full photo’s see the Past Events page.


5 thoughts on “BUCF Meet George Osborne

  1. Certainly agree with the post – an informative and interesting event. Being a young person in Birmingham not attending university, I think it shows how BUCF really is branching out not just to their students and other CFs but actually the wider Brum community too.

    Gove, Osborne – Cameron next? ;-)

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks for inviting us to this great event, it was well worth coming back to Birmingham again for the first time since conference. We also have a post about the event on our blog (www.lucf.wordpress.com). Thanks once again.

  3. Excllent event, even got me out of bed before noon on my day off. Well done to all those who managed to get us in there.

    P.S Food poisining is a terrible thing.


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