Hamas Exposed


It has been a while since I commented on the Israeli/Palestinian situation and so after reading an article in the Guardian (of all papers!) I have decided to speak out once again. In the aftermath of the Gaza offensive one would be forgiven for thinking my views had softened, after all hindsight is a wonderful thing. However you’d be wrong. I am as committed to my position now as I was then. Of course there were mistakes made in the intervention and many civilians tragically lost their lives. War is never a case of who wins rather its who loses least however the justification and motivation behind the Israeli assault I feel now as I did then, is entirely justified.

New evidence has emmerged from Amnesty International that Hamas’s behaviour before, during and after the recent conflict with Israel was nothing short of abhorrent and a blatant abuse of human rights. Amnesty says Hamas forces and militias are involved in a “campaign of abductions, deliberate and unlawful killings, torture and death threats against those they accuse of ‘collaborating’ with Israel, as well as opponents and critics”. It said at least two dozen men had been shot by Hamas since the end of December and “scores of others” shot in the legs, kneecapped or beaten. They gave detailed accounts of some of the cases and said there was “incontrovertible evidence” that Hamas security forces and militia were “responsible for grave human rights abuses”. If this is what they are doing to their OWN people, imagine what they would do to Israelis?!

Hamas officials have admitted hunting for suspected collaborators, but they have denied this campaign of attacks. Of course they would…  I suppose they were just hunting these ‘collaborators’ down for a chat were they? Similarly earlier this month Hamas militias attacked a UN compound with food aid and blankets destined for the people of Gaza who are suffering in the aftermath of the attacks. The UN has even said that Hamas is undemrining their efforts in the region. This all legitimises my, and the Israeli claims, that Hamas are the architechts of their peoples continued suffering. The argument is that Hamas’ support has actually ebbed away since the conflict. Palestinians are disillusioned with both parties and yearn for peace that they are beginning to realise Hamas cannot provide.

Thus Hamas are desperate. They are resorting to their usual tactic of coercion and intimidation to get their way. The fact remains for us outsiders that if we agree that a peaceful two state solution is the way forward then we cannot allow these wicked human beings one iota of political legitimacy. We need to stop treating them like they are  aviable political alternative because they aren’t. They are radicals, extremists and terrorists exploiting the hopes and fears of the Palestinian people. They do not want a two state solution. They want a one state, a radical Islamic one, and they will put their people through hell to achieve it.

Ultimately there is no easy solution to this problem and im afraid the old paradox ‘If you want peace you must be prepared for war’ never looks more legitimate than today. I feel that we will have to be engaged in an all out war with Hamas in order to finally achieve freedom for Palestine. More will suffer, more will die but the alternative is not much better. Until Hamas are excised like the cancers they are the region can never find peace. Israel are not perfect, they have made mistake but don’t try to kid me that Hamas have their peoples interest at heart like Israel do because they don’t. Extremists never do. We have to pick the lesser of two evils and fight for the freedom of the Palestinian people. That means we must back Israel.


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