BUCF Meet Michael Gove


On Monday BUCF held an event with Michael Gove MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Schools and Children which resulted in a great turnout. Michael in his renowned easy going and informal way, captivated the audience with his careful and considered responses to questions put to him which ranged from the Carol Thatcher debarcle to the British education system. The future Secretary of State (touch wood!) has an undeniable ability to engage with his audience which was confirmed by the members remarks following the event. I certainly hope everyone ejoyed the event as much as I did and we look forward to welcoming Michael back to BUCF in the non too distant future.


2 thoughts on “BUCF Meet Michael Gove

  1. If the tories really thought the thatcher stuff was ridiculous why are the spending so much time talking about it….

    ***watches as the spanner falls into the works***

  2. We were talking about schooling most of all.

    We were interested to hear is take on the issue. It’s difficult to avoid an issue (as absurd as it may be) when it’s been tirelessly discussed in the media.


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