In Defence of Carol Thatcher


When this story first broke I was appalled to hear Carol had been sacked over something so trivial however I decided against doing a blog on it so as not to be accused of ‘Thatcher’ ranting from the Labour society. However having seen a blog published on the BULS website slamming  Thatcher and her supporters, I feel compelled to put my two pence forward. Now let me get one thing straight before I begin: genuine racism is completely unacceptable. I understand that the term which caused the furore, ‘golliwog’, would rightly cause offense to people if expressed in public and it is an ill advised choice of word. However as always I am a great believe in that little thing called context and thus I believe people need to stop being so bloody sensitive.

The context couldn’t be clearer: Carol made an off the cuff remark entirely in jest in a private conversation and not in the public domain where her comments would rightly have caused offense and where she would have been rightly brought to task. Had Thatcher said it publicly or on air then perhaps I would be more inclined to agree with her punishment. However while the Labour Party have shamelessly rushed to jump on the ‘bash Thatcher badwagon’ and spout their morally superior twoddle, I personally am more appalled by their seeming ignorance to the fact that Thatcher is being victimised. I find vicitimisation as abhorrent as racism. The victimisation Thatcher is recieving is completely unjustified and it is going almost unnoticed by the repulsively smug and unjustifiably ‘morally superior’ powers that be.

The fact is the BBC, or Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation, and others have lashed out at Thatcher not because of her remarks, although they do love to get on their little moral politically (in)correct high horses, but because of who her mother was. Those that are supportive of Thatcher’s sacking need to look at the facts. The BBC has recieved thousands of letters of complaint at her sacking and barely 60 in support. She has the support of the Mayor of London and other public figures and even people such as Michael Eboda, the black editor of the Power List, and Trevor Philips have suggested the sacking was perhaps a tad extreme and could be seen as being taken out of context. How many more times do we have to have situations like this where good and popular figures’ careers are brought grinding to a halt over comments taken completely out of context.

This whole situation is farcical. But for me the fundamental point about all this is Thatcher has already offered an apology, in the sense that she recognises the term can be offensive and regrets its use, but she has quite rightly refused to bow to political correctness and issue 3 seperate written apologies to the other individuals who were in the room at the time. How bloody sensitive are these people?! It was a private conversation and I therefore ask you to imagine how you would react if you had anything and everything that you have ever said off the cuff that could be deemed offensive brought up and thrown at you… Im sure you wouldnt appreciate it and would argue your comments had been taken out of context. Thatcher is no different.

Who ever the little snitch is needs to take a good long look at him or herself and realise just how pathetic, petty and childish they now look given the reaction to Thatchers dismisal. Incidently I am also appalled by BULS and other Labour groups suggestion that Iain Dale’s defence of Thatcher was racist. Im sure after publishing this blog I will be due to recieve the same outrageous and unjustifiable critique from BULS… Perhaps we should tell the university authorities that they are victimising people like myself and Iain, both born on the 15th of July, maybe they would have to resign their committee positions!


31 thoughts on “In Defence of Carol Thatcher

  1. I don’t really care whether you’re racist or not Dan and don’t want to accuse you of anything of the like here.

    However, is it really appropriate that you’ve referred to this as a “trivial” issue? It is an obscene term and should not be used at all in sensible discussion, private or public. I just don’t accept that the use of such a phrase can be seen as trivial.

    On the other hand, I think perhaps the BBC have acted so swiftly to counter any further embarrassment following from the Ross/Brand affair.

  2. I think you are correct tom the use of such a term in a genuine sense is definately out of order and inappropriate in 21st century britain. But the fact of the matter is this was a private conversation and an off the cuff remark made entirely in jest.

    For goodness sake you shouldnt come around to our student house…. the kind of words that we call each other would make you blush! Of course we dont mean any of the words we throw at each other… most of the time its all in good hearted banter! Thats the point Carol Thatcher doesnt have a racist bone in her body.

    She merely made an off the cuff remark by using a term which I might add was acceptable in her day. By this I mean sometimes you forget yourself. Not all people who used the term golliwog in the 50’s did so in a negative way. Indeed to some people like Carol who was growing up at the time they would merely be seen as a fun childhood toy. Harmless.

    Regardless she apologised if it caused offence to anyone but she has rightly refused to jump through hoops because it is quite frankly ludacris. Sahar rightly says overreacting to situations like this causes segregation and ill feeling in society. Britain now feels beholden to and victimised by the politically correct. Its nothing more than an outdated silly word not used in mainstream Britain. The battle has already been won and people need to stop being so bloody sensitive.

  3. Ok. I see where you’re coming from. I simply wanted to point out that I find it inapropriate to call this a futile issue when its called such upset on both sides.

    Sahar, please don’t immediately rush to conclusions about what I am saying simply because I carry a Labour Party membership card. I’m not actually sure what the Labour Party has done, it seems to me to have been an internal BBC matter, I’d be concerned if the Government put pressure on an independent organisation to sack an employee.

  4. Yes you are right it is not a futile issue now… but the situation should never have been allowed to get this far. I think what Sahar means is the Labour reaction has been typically smug and morally superior. Im not just accusing BULS of this but certain comments from Labour officials have been rather oppourtunistic as have Labour bloggers. That is what we mean when we say Labour… we dont just mean the government and high command.

    Also do we have any news on our football match… or have Labour chickened out? lol

  5. unreasonable?! as far as I was aware your events officer was organising it. If you wanted us to do it he shouldnt have said and I quote ‘LEAVE IT TO ME’. You cant ask to do it then play the martyr.

  6. I was reffering to your Campaigns and Membership Officer I assumed as he emailed me regarding the match he was also in charge of events.

  7. To be honest, the ‘g’ word is an incredibly archaic term stemming from the colonialist era. She was wrong in using it and she would have known the offence it would have caused to any black person. This issue should be let go as our society moves on and leaves the ignorant behind.

  8. I find the use of the word golliwog as offensive as ‘pr*ck’ ‘tw*t’ ‘bast**d’ ‘wank*r’ ‘k**bhead’ and all other terms of offence which are regularly tossed about between friends. Ive lost count of the terms of abuse that ive heard thrown between friends…. all in jest usually. The point is its all about context. Carol Thatcher is not a racist. People need to grow the hell up. Its the politically correct that are ignorant to human nature.

  9. I think.. I agree with this blog!
    However I don’t think it needed to be directed so against BULS and their stance so much.

    I really really don’t like the divide and malice that’s come between the two societies recently.

  10. “I find the use of the word golliwog as offensive as ‘pr*ck’ ‘tw*t’ ‘bast**d’ ‘wank*r’ ‘k**bhead’”

    try telling that to anyone who is black or who gives a damn about racial equality.

    When was the last time you casually used the word ‘golliwog’ with your friends? Maybe you shouldn’t answer that question…

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  12. i wasn’t proclaiming to know how they feel, I was merely offering Dan the opportunity of letting them know how he felt on this issue

  13. Because Sahar and others including myself have mentioned on a number of occassions that it is ridiculous to have a BME officer and serves only to divide people in to categories. At BUCF we believe people are people black, white, asian, gay, straight.

    We do not differentiate between the different groups and as Sahar has said herself she and others would find it offensive to be put in a seperate categories. So what I think shes saying is you havent even got an events officer… but you do have a BME officer?! its a bit ludacris.

  14. Ok I see, I just wanted clarification found it a bit random that’s all.

    Sahar, you are welcome to write a blog if you want and we will post it on our site about the topic. Hopefully we can get some debate going on it. Email it to me on

  15. Excellent! And on the freshers officer comment I made. I was playing a bit of devil’s advocate. I’m actually very open to new ideas. It’s a decision to be made by the relevant caucus’ and if they feel their officer to be defunct then they should have the final decision in its removal.

    The same requires for the freshers officer.

  16. Just to add my comment. Dan might have written it more plainly like this:
    I think her words were “foggy golliwog” or something
    Carol Thatcher is pretty old, and so she would have been a child who innocently played with a cuddly smiley “golliwog”. Children don’t think about their toys being racist. If it was deliberately meant to be racist in a private conversation she would have used a much more offensive word which would not have the same personal connotations to her as “teddy bear”.
    Also please remember that the “gollywog” has been made racist. When people see them, they do not think anything more of them than a children’s toy. It is only when the history of the use of the word is told to them that they begin to find it offensive.
    Apparently, in the 70s/80s, Robertson’s Jam of Droylsden had removed their golliwog symbol from all jam jars, except for exports to Africa because Africans liked it. Generally people like things that remind them of themselves or look like them. The only reason it is now offensive is because certain people have used the word in an unforgivable way.

  17. “foggy golliwog” – no it was ‘froggy’, he is french.

    ‘Carol Thatcher is pretty old, and so she would have been a child who innocently played with a cuddly smiley “golliwog”. Children don’t think about their toys being racist.’
    She specifically said “If I was Prince Harry I’d get shot for saying that.”, that was printed in the Sun last week – she did not dispute the article legally or otherwise. That does not show innocence.

    This is not about how it makes Carol Thatcher feel! She would and should know the racial connotations when that word is used against a black person. Her standing there with her smug face saying that word makes me genually feel sick, as it was aimed at a black man trying to make it in a predominantly white man’s sport, and he is bloody talented. It was offensive, and I’ve had enough of the privaleged bigotry on this website, after all it doesn’t matter one jot to you guys because you weren’t being hurt by this racially motivated insult. Therefore I do not expect you to understand the connotations that this sort of ingrained racism has for the rest of society, where the rest of us are trying to make our world more inclusive rather than exclusive.

  18. “If I was Prince Harry Id get shot for saying that”

    That to me shows that she recognised straight after that it was a controversial thing to say. It probably just slipped out and she realised what she had said afterward. Dont twist it.

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