Are you a feminist?

 Feminism, like most ideologies, is a broad school of thought. From Radical Feminism to Liberal Feminism, there are different approaches to gender-related issues and it has a different meaning for different people.

What does feminism mean to you? What is its purpose? Do you find it does any good? Is it a fascist ideology? Do we need it to ensure the fair and equal treatment of women? So tell me, are YOU a feminist?


9 thoughts on “Are you a feminist?

  1. I would consider myself a feminist, but rather than any ‘schools of thought’ or ideology my understanding of feminism is simple. To me it means that women should be treated equally in the eyes of the law.

    I won’t deny sexist behaviour. I use a different tone of voice when I speak to women, I’m more likely to open doors for them and make sure that she’s getting home safely. I don’t think feminism is about putting this behaviour under the microscope. By the way, Sahar have you been invited to the upcoming, Teresa May event in Harborne?

  2. I’ll drop you a note offline, Sahar. My view is that the struggle for equal rights for women needs to be fought elsewhere.

    Britain is a post-feminist society. Discuss.

  3. PT, what’s this? Any chance you could let me know the details (if that’s possible) of the event?

    And Sahar, yes I am a feminist. A paid up card arrying member of the movement.
    I’m going to ble blogging over the weekend about the Million Women Rise march in London, and the Manchester Reclaim The Night. The Women’s Association are doing a coach journey to MWR, any chance you’re going?

  4. I like the video Sahar, it’s great to see that feminism is being portayed as something which promotes equality rather than superiority of women. I definitely believe I am a feminist – and this does not mean I consider men to be inferior.

    Feminism has been stigmatised for too long by negative connations and used to define an individual who is often hated. For example, Margaret Thatcher or Hillary Clinton! Whatever your views on her, I hate the way people always criticise her and argue that is what a typical feminist is like – hardnosed and aggressive.

    It’s important in feminism and any ideology which you uphold and claim to be part of – you realise that you are representing it often fully to many people who will take your word as…feminism! :-P

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